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Title dorno and Heidegger : philosophical questions / Iain Macdonald and Krzysztof Ziarek, editors .
Published Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, 2008
Detail xi, 221 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Macdonald, Iain, 1966-
  Ziarek, Krzysztof, 1961-
  Macdonald, Iain. / Ethics and authenticity : conscience and non-identity in Heidegger and Adorno with a glance at hegel
  Zuidervaart, Lambert / Truth and authentication : Heidegger and Adorno in reverse
  Hodge, Joanna / Poietic epistemology : reading Husserl through Adorno and Heidegger
  Grist, Matthew / Transcendental realism and post-metaphysical thinking
  Walker, Nicholas / Adorno and Heidegger on the question of art : countering Hegel?
  Ziarek, Krzystof / Beyond critique? Art and power
  Guzzoni, Ute / "were speculation about the state of reconciliation permissible " : reflections on the relation between human begins and things in Adorno and Heidegger
  Friichtl, Josef / The struggle of the self against itself : Adorno and Heidegger on modernity
  Wenning, Mario / Adorno, Heidegger, and problem of remembrance
  Dallmayr, Fred / Adorno and Heidegger on modernity
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