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Title Readings on Islam in Southeast Asia / compiled by Ahmad Ibrahim, Sharon Siddique, Yasmin Hussain.
Published Singapore : Institut of Southeast Asian Studies, 1985
Detail xv, 407 p. ; 27 cm
Added Author Drewes, G. W. J. New Light on the Coming of Islam to Indonesia?
  Johns, A. H. Islam in Southeast Asia :Problems of Perspective
  Milner, A. C. Islam and Malay Kingship
  Ricklefs, M. C. Islamization in Java :Fourteenth to Eighteenth Centuries
  Osman, Mohd. Taib. islamization of the Malays :A Transformantion of Culture
  Majul, Cesar Adib. Analysis of the "Genealogy of Sulu"
  Benda, Harry J. Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje and the Foundations of Dutch Islamic Policy in Indonesia
  Hurgronje, C. Snouck. Jawah Ulama in Mekka in the Late Nineteenth Century
  Winstedt, R. O. Malay Beliefs and Religion
  Alfian. Ulama in Acehnese Society
  Schrieke, B. Islam, Adat and Communism on the West Cosat of Sumatra
  Abdullah, Taufik. Adat and Islam :An Examination of Conflict in Minangkabau
  Kartodirdjo, Sartono, 1921-2007. Peasants' Revolt of Banten in 1888 :The Religious Revival
  Wertheim, W. F. (Willem Frederik), 1907- Bourgeois Currents in Religion
  Noer, Deliar. Development and Nature of the Modernist Movement in Indonesia
  Roff, William. Kaum Muda-Kaum Tua :Innovation and Reaction amongst the malays, 1900-41
  Boland, B. J. Struggle of Islam in Modern Indonesia (1950-1955)
  Ratnam, K. J. Religion and Politics in Malaya
  Federspiel, Howard M. Military and Islam in Sukarno's Indonesia
  Kessler, Clive S. Politics of Islamic Egalitarianism
  Samson, Allan A. Indonesian Islam since the New Order
  Funston, N. J. (N. John) Politics of Islamic Reassertion :Malaysia
  Gowing, Peter G. Moros and Khaek :The Position of Muslim Minorities in the Philippines and Thailand
  Taouti, Seddik. Forgotten Muslims of Kampuchea and Vietnam
  Coulson, Noel J. Concept of Progress and Islamic Law
  Ibrahim, Ahmad. Position of Islam in the Constitution of Malaysia
  Anshari, Saifuddin. Islam or the Panca Sila as the Basis of the State
  Mackeen, Abdul Majeed Mohamed. Shari'ah Law Courts in Malaya
  Majul, Cesar Adib. Problems in the Implementation of Shari'a
  Rahardjo, M. Dawam. Kyai, the Pesantren and the Village :A Preliminary Sketch
  Junus, Umar. Payment of Zakat Al-Fitrah in a Minangkabau Community
  Othman, Mohd Zain Hj. Administration of Waqf in the State of Kedah
  Salleh, Awang Had. Modern Concept of Hajj Management :The Experience of Malaysia
  Koentjaraningrat. Javanese Terms for God and Supernatural Beings and the Idea of Power
  Husin, Ali, S. Religion at the Village Level
  Fraser, Thomas M. Rusembilan as a Moslem Community
  Nagata, Judith A. What is a Malay ? Situational Selections of Ethnic Identity in a Plural Society
  Shariffuddin, P. M. Kedayans
  Firth, Raymond William, 1901- Faith and Scepticism in Kelantan Village Magic
  Kiefer, Thomas M. Folk Islam and the Supernatural
  Ramadan, Said. Three Major Problems Confronting the World of Islam
  Siddique, Sharon. Conceptualizing Contemporary Islam :Religion or Idenlogy?
  Swift, M. G. Minangkabau and Modernization
  Muzaffar, Chandra. Malayism, Bumiputraism, and Islam
  Hassan, Muhammad Kamal. Musilm Ideological Responses to the Issue of Modernization in Indonesia
  Madjid, Nurcholish. Issue of Modernization among Muslims in Indonesia :From a Participant's Point of View
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