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Title Borderscapes : hidden geographies and politics at territory's edge / Prem Kumar Rajaram and Carl Grundy-Warr, editors.
Published Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2007
Detail xl, 330 p. : ill., map ; 23 cm
Added Author Rajaram, Prem Kumar
  Grundy-Warr, Carl
  Bigo, Didier. Detention of Foreigners, States of Exception, and the Social Practices of Control of the Banopticon
  Nah, Alice M. Struggling with (Il)Legality: The Indeterminate Functioning of Malaysia's Borders for Asylum Seekers, Refugees, and Stateless Persons
  Guild, Elspeth. Foreigner in the Security Continuum: Judicial Resistance in the United Kingdom
  Toyota, Mika. Ambivalent Categories: Hill Tribes and Illegal Migrants in Thailand
  Haddad, Emma. Danger Happens at the Border
  Horstmann, Alexander. Violence, Subversion, and Creativity in the Thai-Malaysian Borderland
  Sidaway, James D. Poetry of Boundaries
  Dean, Karin. Sites of the Sino-Burmese and Thai-Burmese Boundaries: Transpositions between the Conceptual and Life Worlds
  Perera, Suvendrini. Pacific Zone? (In)Security, Sovereignty, and Stories of the Pacific Borderscape
  Tangseefa, Decha. "Temporary Shelter Areas" and the Paradox of Perceptibility: Imperceptible Naked-Karens in the Thai-Burmese Border Zones
  Rajaram, Prem Kumar. Locating Political Space through Time: Asylum and Excision in Australia
  Soguk, Nevzat. Border's Capture: Insurrectional Politics, Border-Crossing Humans, and the New Political
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