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Title Sociology through active learning : student exercises / Kathleen McKinney, Frank D. Beck, Barbara S. Heyl.
Author McKinney, Kathleen
Published Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Pine Forge Press, c2001
Detail xiv, 239 p. ; 28 cm
Added Author Beck, Frank D
  Heyl, Barbara Sherman, 1942-
  Lowney, Kathe. Puzzling Over Theoretical Perspectives
  Derne, Steve. Observation of the Social World :Marketing
  Eby, John W. Faculty Doors as Symbolic Statements
  Higgins, Paul. Helping Experiment
  Crull, Sue R. Very Short Survey
  Collins, Susan M. Very Short Survey
  Brenner, Andrea Malkin. Understanding Social Location
  Benedetto, Corine Lally. Decoding Norms
  Brenner, Andrea Malkin. Symbolic Basis of Culture :The Cultural Cocktail Parly
  Lashbrook, Jeff. Invewstigating Students' Rooms
  Gill, Virginia. Teas. Application Exercies on Ethnocentrism and Cultural Relativism
  Lucal, Betsy. Gender Socialization
  Roberts, Keith A. Leadership, Gender, and the Invisible Ceiling
  Rosenholtz, Victoria. Play Based on Goffman's Theory of Dramaturgy
  King, Kim M. Year Is 2292 A.D
  Brenner, Andrea Malkin. Stereotyping and Labeling
  Singleton, Judy. Group Decistion - Making
  Roberts, Keith A. Seed Jar :Social Construction of Reality
  Bowman, John R. Guided Fantasy :The Titanic Game
  Beagan, Brenda L. Social Inequality :Budgeting for a Low Income
  Roberts, Keith A. Occupation and Income Exercise
  Aulette, Judy. Divorce and Income
  Green, Charles S. Structural Change at Your College or University
  Okinaka, Alton M. Critique of Student Government
  Simpson, Jacqueline C. Group Exercise in Affirmative Action
  Marx, Marcia. Critically Thinking About Race through Visual Media
  Texeira, Mary Thierry. Critically Thinking About Race through Visual Media
  Simpson, Jacqueline C. Drawing Pictures :Race and Gender Stereotypes
  Anderson, Travis W. Coming - Out Role Play
  Higgins, Paul. Images of Crime
  Beagan, Brenda L. Debating Deviance
  Pettit, Robert B. Drug Testing in the Workplace :What Would You Do?
  Higgins, Paul. Hand Game
  Green, Charles S. Studying a Collective Behavior Episode
  Warren, Mark R. Family History Project
  Green, Charles S. Studying a Social Movement Organization
  Wisely, Nancy. Families Across Cultures in the Media
  Aulette, Judy. Parenthood :Defining Family
  Auliette, Judy. Housework :Division of Labor
  Eby, John W. Proposed Grading System
  Altergott, Marjorie. Tommy's Story
  Beck, Frank D. Mapping Census Data for Your Town
  Shalanski, John J. Critical Reports on Contemporary Social Problems
  Crull, Sue R. Meal for the Homeless
  Hattery, Angela J. Social Class Stratification Project
  Holtzman, Mellisa. Song Analysis Project
  Ritchey, Lynn H. Creating a Society
  Haynes, Ada. Student Empowerment :Student - Designed Syllabus
  Bowman, John R. Initial Group Assessment
  Crull, Sue R. Group Quiz
  Welsh, Sandy. Faciliatating Discussion
  Johnson, Kathleen R. Group Presentations
  Johnson, Kathleen R. Panel Debates
Source Types Book
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