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Title Manual of curatorship : a guide to museum practice / [edited by] John M.A. Thompson ... [et al.].
Published Oxford ;Boston : Butterworth-Heinemann, 1992
Edition 2nd ed
Detail xvii, 756 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Added Author Thompson, John M. A
  Lewis, Geoffrey. Museum Context
  Lewis, Geoffrey. Museums and their precursons :a brief world survey
  Lewis, Geoffrey. Museums and Britain :a historical survey
  Lewis, Geoffrey. Organization of museums
  Longman, Peter. Museums & Galleries Commission
  Lewis, Geoffrey. Enabling legislation for museums
  Wilson, David M., Sir. National Museums
  Compton, Michael. National Galleries
  Warhurst, Alan. University Museums
  Loughbrough, Brian. Local authority museums and galleries
  Cossons, Neil. Independent museums
  Duggan, Antony J. Ethics of curatorship in the UK
  Thompson, John. Management and Administration
  Thompson, John. Role of the Director
  Atkinson, Frank. Finacial management
  Lewis, Peter. Museums and marketing
  Diamond, Michael. Personnel management
  Greene, J. Patrick. Management of volunteers
  Hebditch, Max. Management to museum buidings
  Marks, Richard. Building a new museum :the roles and relationship of curator and architect in planning and project management
  Dovey, Bryan. Security
  Pettigrew, Tim H. Information technology in museums
  Sudbury, Patrick. Law and legislation
  Wilson, C. K. Law and legislation
  Lowell, Peter N. Conservation
  Lowell, Peter N. Introduction
  Stone, Sheila M. Documenting collections
  Corfield, Michael. Conservation documentation
  Staniforth, Sarah. Control and measurement of the environment
  Skempton, Trevor. Buildings, environment and artefacts
  Bottomley, Michael. Conservation and storage :archival paper
  McAusland, Jane. Conservation and storage :prints, drawigns and water - colours
  Bomford, David. Conservation and storage :easel paintings
  Dimond, James. Conservation and storage :easel paintings
  Fleming, Anne. Conservation and storage :photographic materials
  Martin, Elizabeth. Conservation and storage :photographic materials
  Glover, Jean M. Conservation and storage :textiles
  Horie, C. V. Conservation and storage :leather objects
  Kitchin, John. Conservation and storage :wood
  Daintith, Christine. Conservation and storage :ceramics
  Dinsmore, Jennifer K. Conservation and storage :stone
  Newey, Hazel. Conservation and storage :metals
  Hallam, John. Conservation and storage :machinery
  Pye, Elizabeth. Conservation and storage :archaeological material
  Howie, Francis M. P. Conservation and Storage :geological material
  Stansfield, Geoffrey. Conservation and storage :zoological collections
  Perry, Roy. Herbarium practice
  Thomas, Barry A. Herbarium practice
  Miles, Gwyn. Object handling
  Tate, James. Storage Systems
  Skinner, Theo. Storage Systems
  Bradley, Susan M. Conservation aspects of storage and display
  Demnis, Richard. Pest control in museums
  Oddy, Andrew. Scientific examination of artefacts
  Cackett, Sue. Disaster planning
  Fenton, Alexander. Collections Research
  Fenton, Alexander. Collections Research :Local, national and International perspectives
  Cannon - Brookes, Peter. Nature of Museum Collections
  Doughty, Philip S. Researching geological collections
  Longworth, Ian H. Archaeologial research collections :prehistoric and Roman
  Cherry, John. Archaeologial research collections :medieval and post - medieval
  Burnett, John. Hardware of science
  Hounsome, M. V. Research :natural science collections
  Farr, Dennis. Research :fine - art collections
  Brigden, Roy. Research :social history
  Brears, Peter. Research :social - history sources
  Bailey, Donald M. Classical antiquities :forgeries and reproductions
  Kent, John. Coins; fakes and forgeries
  Jones, William D. Collections research :industry
  Bassett, Douglas A. User Services
  Bassett, Douglas A. Introduction
  Kenyon, John R. Museum libraries
  Bassett, Douglas A. Museum Publications :a descriptive bibliiographic guide
  Bassett, Douglas A. Museum and education :a bibliographic guide
  Belcher, Michael. Communicating through museum exhibitions
  Velarde, Giles. Exhibition design
  Hooper - Greenhill, Eilean. Museum education
  Prince, David R. Approaches to summative evaluation
  Twelves, Mel. Retailing
  Clarke, David T - D. Enquiries
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