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Title Policing public sex : queer politics and the future of AIDS activism / edited by Dangerous Bedfellows.
Published Boston, MA : South End Press, c1996
Detail 416 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Added Author Colter, Ephen Glenn, 1968-
  Blotcher, Jay. Sex Club Owners: The Buck Stops Here
  Serlin, David. Twilight (Zone) of Commercial Sex
  Thomas, Kendall. Going Public: A Conversation with Lidell Jackson and Jocelyn Taylor
  Lindell, John. Public Space for Public Sex
  O'Hara, Scott. Talking with My Mouth Full
  Redick, Alison. Dangerous Practices: Ideological Uses of the "Second Wave"
  Gendin, Stephen. I Was a Teenage HIV Prevention Activist
  Odets, Walt. Why We Stopped Doing Primary Prevention for Gay Men in 1985
  Colter, Ephen Glenn. Discernibly Turgid: Safer Sex and Public Policy
  Schoofs, Mark. AIDS Vaccine: It's Possible. So Why Isn't It Being Done?
  Berube, Allan. History of Gay Bathhouses
  Alexander, Priscilla. Bathhouses and Brothels: Symbolic Sites in Discourse and Practice
  Leigh, Carol. P.I.M.P. (Prostitutes in Municipal Politics)
  Gilfoyle, Timothy J. From Soubrette Row to Show World: The Contested Sexualities of Times Square, 1880-1995
  Elovitz, Marc E. D.O.H. Papers: Regulating Public Sex in New York City
  Edwards, P. J. D.O.H. Papers: Regulating Public Sex in New York City
  Hollibaugh, Amber. Seducing Women into "A Lifestyle of Vaginal Fisting": Lesbian Sex Gets Virtually Dangerous
  Hoffman, Wayne. Skipping the Life Fantastic: Coming of Age in the Sexual Devolution
  Munoz, Jose Esteban. Ghosts of Public Sex: Utopian Longings, Queer Memories
  Pendleton, Eva. Domesticating Partnerships
  Dangerous Bedfellows
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