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Title Exploring socio-cultural themes in education : readings in social foundations / Joan H. Strouse.
Author Strouse, Joan
Published Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Merrill, c2001
Edition 2nd ed
Detail xvi, 347 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Strouse, Joan. Exploring themes of social justice in education
  Spindler, George D. Transmission of Culture
  Arensberg, Conrad M. American Cultural Values
  Niehoff, Arthur H. American Cultural Values
  Durkheim, Emile. Education: Its Nature and Its Role
  Hurn, Christopher J. Theories of Schooling and Society: The Functional and Conflict Paradigms
  Dewey, John. School and Social Progress
  Dreeben, Robert. Contribution of Schooling to the Learning of Norms: Independence, Achievement, Universalism, and Specificity
  Grant, Carl A. On Becoming a Reflective Teacher
  Zeichner, Kenneth M. On Becoming a Reflective Teacher
  Bowles, Samuel. Unequal Education and the Reproduction of the Social Division of Labour
  Anyon, Jean. Social Class and School Knowledge
  Valli, Linda. Becoming Clerical Workers: Business Education and the Culture of Femininity
  Rist, Ray C. Student Social Class and Teacher Expectations: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in Ghetto Education
  Delpit, Lisa. Education in a Multicultural Society: Our Future's Greatest Challenge
  Spring, Joel. Equality of Educational Opportunity
  Banks, James A. Multicultural Education: Historical Development, Dimensions, and Practice
  Ward, James Gordon. Schools and the Struggle for Democracy: Themes for School Finance Policy
  Bigelow, William. Inside the Classroom: Social Vision and Critical Pedagogy
  Rose, Mike. Possible Lives
  Ladson-Billings, Gloria. Seeing Color, Seeing Culture
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