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Title Indigenous knowledge and education : sites of struggle, strength, and survivance / edited by Malia Villegas, Sabina Rak Neugebauer, Kerry R. Venegas.
Published Cambridge : Harvard Educational Review, c2008
Detail vii, 351 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Added Author Adams, David Wallace. Fundamental Considerations :The Deep Meaning of Native American Schooling, 1880 - 1900
  Altbach, Philip G. Literary Colonialism :Books in the Third World
  Bartolome, Lilia I. Beyond the Methods Fetish :Toward a Humanizing Pedagogy
  Bartolome, Lilia I. Beyond the Methods Fetish :Toward a Humanizing Pedagogy
  Battiste - Barnes, Marie. Struggle and Renaissance of Indigenous Knowledge in Eurocentric Education
  Brayboy, Bryan Mckinley Jones. "Yakkity Yak" and "Talking Back" :An Examination of Sites of Survivance in Indigenous Knowledge
  Cajete, Gregory A. Sites of Strength in Indigenous Research
  Cardenal, Fernando. Nicaragua 1980 :The Battle of the ABCs
  Fasheh, Munir. Community Education :To Reclaim and Transform What Has Been Made Invisible
  Grande, Sandy Marie Anglas. Sites of Survivance. American Indian Geographies of Identity and Power :At the Crossroads of Indigena and Mestizaje
  Hudicourt, Josiane. Use of Argumentation in Haitian Creole Science Classrooms
  Kardos, Susan M. "Not Bread Alone" :Clandestine Schooling and Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust
  Katz, Richard. Education as Transformation :Becoming a Healer among the Kung and the Fijians
  Liberman, Kenneth. Aboriginal Education :The School at Strelley, Western Australia
  Lomawaima, K. Tsianina. Tribal Sovereigns :Reframing Research in American Indian Education
  Maclure, Richard. No Longer Overlooked and Undervalued? The Evolving Dynamics of Endogenous Educational Research in Sub - Saharan Africa /
  Miller, Valerie. Nicaragua 1980 :The Battle of the ABCs
  Neugebauer, Sabina Rak
  Okakok, Leona. Serving the Purpose of Education
  Ruiz, Ramon Eduardo. Mexico :Indianismo and the Rural School
  Venegas, Kerry R
  Villegas, Malia
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