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Title Gender in cross-cultural perspective / edited by Caroline B. Brettell and Carolyn F. Sargent.
Published Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Prentice Hall, c2005
Edition 4th ed
Detail xvi, 575 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Brettell, Caroline
  Sargent, Carolyn Fishel, 1947-
  Zuk, Marlene. Role of Women in Human Evolution
  Peach, Lucinda J. Gender and War :Are Women Tough Enough for Military Combat?
  Scheper-Hughes, Nancy. Lifeboat Ethics :Mother Love and Child Death in Northeast Brazil
  Hewlett, Barry S. Cultural Nexus of Aka Father - Infant Bonding
  Conkey, Margaret W. Archaeology of Gender Today :New Vistas, New Challenges
  Galloway, Patricia. Where Have All the Menstrual Huts Gone The Invisibility of Menstrual Seclusion in the Late Prehistoric Southeast
  Guenter, Stanley. Warriors and Rulers :Royal Women of the Classic Maya
  Freidel, David. Warriors and Rulers :Royal Women of the Classic Maya
  Murcott, Anne. "It's a Pleasure to Cook for Him" :Food, Mealtime, and Gender in Some South Wales Households
  Lamphere, Louise. Domestic Sphere of Women and the Public World of Men :The Strengths and Limitations of an Anthropological Dichotomy
  Weismantel, Mary. Cities of Women
  Townsend, Nicholas W. Fatherhood and the Mediating Role of Women
  Estioko - Griffin, Agnes. Woman the Hunter :The Agta
  Griffin, P. Bion. Woman the Hunter :The Agta
  Lepowsky, Maria. Sexual Division of Labor on Vanatinai
  Rasmussen, Susan. Pastoral Nomadism and Gender :Status and Prestige, Economic Contribution, and Division of Labor Among the Tuareg of Niger
  Babb, Florence E. Women and Work in a Postrevolutionary Society :Urban Cooperatives and the Informal Economy in Nicaragua
  Gilmore, David D. Manhood Puzzle
  Herdt, Gilbert H. Rituals of Manhood :Male Initiation in Papua New Guinea
  Watson, Rubie S. Named and the Nameless :Gender and Person in Chinese Society
  McElhinny, Bonnie. Gender and the Stories Pittsburgh Police Officers Tell About Using Physical Force
  Lamb, Sarah.tMaking and Unmaking of Persons :Gender and Body in Northeast India
  Abu - Lughod, Lila. Is There a Muslim Sexuality Changing Constructions of Sexuality in Egyptian Bedouin Weddings
  Gottlieb, Alma. From Pollution to Love Magic :The New Anthropology of Menstruation
  Blackwood, Evelyn. Women's Intimate Friendships and Other Affairs :An Ethnographic Overview
  Reddy, Gayatri. Hijras :An "Alternative" Sex / Gender in India
  Nanda, Serena. Hijras :An "Alternative" Sex / Gender in India
  Urla, Jacqeline. Measuring Up to Barbie :Ideals of the Feminine Body in Popular Culture
  Swedlund, Alan. Measuring Up to Barbie :Ideals of the Feminine Body in Popular Culture
  Rapp, Rayna. Thinking About Women and the Origin of the State
  Stone, Linda. Dowry, Bride - Burning, and Female Power in India
  James, Caroline. Dowry, Bride - Burning, and Female Power in India
  Ryan, Josephine Caldwell. Encountering the State :Cross - Cultural Perspectives on Women's Political Experience
  Allison, Anne, 1950-. Japanese Mothers and Obentos :The Lunch - Box as Ideological State Apparatus
  Menon, Shanti. Male Authority and Female Authority :A Study of the Matrilineal Nayars of Kerala, South India
  Stack, Carol. Domestic Networks :"Those You Count On"
  Prior, Marsha. Matrifocality, Power, and Gender Relations in Jamaica
  Leonardo, Micaela Di. Female World of Cards and Holidays :Women, Families, and the Work of Kinship
  Boddy, Janice. Spirit Possession and Gender Complementarity :Zar in Rural Northern Sudan
  McIntosh, Janet. "Tradition" and Threat :Women's Obscenity in Giriama Funerary Rituals
  Brown, Karen McCarthy. Mama Lola and the Ezilis :Themes of Mothering and Loving in Haitian Vodou
  Kendall, Laurel. Shaman, Bodies, and Sex :Misreading a Korean Ritual
  Davis-Floyd, Robbie E. Gender and Ritual :Giving Birth the American Way
  Browner, Carole H. Politics of Reproduction in a Mexican Village
  Ragone, Helena. Surrogate Motherhood :Rethinking Biological Models, Kinship, and Family
  Gruenbaum, Ellen. Female Genital Cutting :Culture and Controversy
  Lockwood, Victoria S. Impact of Development on Women :The Interplay of Material Conditions and Gender Ideology
  Wilson - Moore, Margot. Doing Their Homework :The Dilemma of Planning Women's Garden Programs in Bangladesh
  Cairoli, M. Laetitia. Factory as Home and Family :Female Workers in the Moroccan Garment Industry
  Mills, Mary Beth. Consuming Desires, Contested Selves :Rural Women and Labor Migration in Thailand
  Zimmer - Tamakoshi, Laura. "Wild Pigs and Dog Men" :Rape and Domestic Violence as "Women's Issues" in Papua New Guinea
  Shostak, Marjorie, 1945-. Women and Men in !Kung Society
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