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Title The twentieth-century performance reader / edited by Michael Huxley and Noel Witts.
Published London ;New York : Routledge, 2002
Edition 2nd ed
Detail xxii, 465 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Huxley, Michael, 1949-
  Witts, Noel, 1937-
  Huxley, Michael. Introduction
  Witts, Noel. Introduction
  Abramovic, Marina. Interview
  Anderson, Laurie. Speed of Change
  Appia, Adolph. Actor, Space, Light, Painting
  Artaud, Antonin. Theatre and Cruelty
  Barba, Eugenio. Words or Presence
  Banes, Sally. Post - Modern Dance
  Bausch, Pina. Not How People Move But What Moves Them
  Barthes, Roland. Grain of the Voice
  Beckett, Samuel. Quad
  Beck, Julian. Acting Exercises
  Boal, Augusto. Theatre as Discourse
  Benjamin, Walter. What is Epic Theatre?
  Brecht, Bertolt. Short Description of a new Technique in Acting Which Produces an Aliention Effect
  Brook, Peter. Deadly Theatre
  Brown, Trisha. Trisha Brown :An Interview
  Butler, Judith. Performative Acts and Gender Constitution
  Cage, John. Four Statements on the Dance
  Carlson, Marvin. What is Performance?
  Copeau, Jacques. Current Trends / The Director As Partly Actor
  Craig, Edward Gordon. Actor and the Uber - Marionette
  Cunningham, Merce. You Have to Love Dancing to Stick to it
  Duncan, Isadora. Dancer of the Future
  Etchells, Tim. On Performance Writing
  Foreman, Richard. How to Write A Play
  Foster, Susan Leigh. Choreographing History
  Goldberg, Roselee. Performance Art From Futurism to the Present
  Grotowski, Jerzy. Statement of Principles
  Hijikata, Tatsumi. Man, Once Dead, Crawl Back
  Humphrey, Doris. Art of Making Dances
  Jarry, Alfred. Of the Futility of the 'Theatrical' In Theatre
  Jones, Bill T. Conversation
  Kantor, Tadeusz. Theatre of Death :A Manifesto
  Kaprow, Allan. Assemblages, Environments and Happenings
  LeCompte, Elizabeth. Interview
  Lepage, Robert. Robert Lepage in Discussion
  Marinetti, F. T. Founding and Manifesto of Futurism
  Martin, John. Characteristics of the Modern Dance
  Meyerhold, Vsevolod. First Attempts at A Stylised Theatre
  Muller, Heiner. 19 Answers By Heiner Muller
  Piscator, Erwin. Epic Satire
  Rainer, Yvonne. Quasi Survey of Some 'Minimalist' Tendencies in the Quantitatively Minimal Dance Activity Midst the Plethora, of an Analysis of Trio A
  Richter, Hans. How did Dada Begin
  Schechner, Richard. Five Avant Gardes or ... or None
  Schlemmer, Oskar. Man and Art Figure
  Soyinka, Wole. Theatre in African Traditional Cultures :Survival Patterns
  Stnislavski, Konstantin. Intonations and Pauses
  Stelarc. Interview with Nicholas Zurbrugg
  Wigman, Mary. Philosophy of Modern Dance
  Williams, Raymond. Argument :Text and Performance
  Willson, Robert. Interivew
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