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Title The Essential difference / edited by Naomi Schor, Elizabeth Weed.
Published Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c1994
Detail xix, 196 p. ; 25 cm
Added Author Schor, Naomi
  Weed, Elizabeth, 1940-
  de Lauretis, Teresa. Essence of the triangle or, taking the risk of essentialism seriously
  Schor, Naomi. This essentialism which is not one : coming to grips with Irigaray
  Irigaray, Luce. Equal to whom?
  Grosz, Elizabeth. Sexual difference and the problem of essentialism
  Fuss, Diana Reading like a feminist
  Scholes, Robert. Eperon strings
  Rabine, Leslie Wahl. Essentialism and its contents : Saint-Simonian and poststructuralist feminists
  Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty. In a word (interview)
  Rooney, Ellen. In a word (interview)
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