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Title Cities in transition : the moving image and the modern metropolis / edited by Andrew Webber and Emma Wilson.
Published London ;New York : Wallflower Press, 2008
Detail ix, 240 p. : ill., maps ; 25 cm
Added Author Webber, Andrew
  Wilson, Emma
  Bruno, Giuliana. Motion and emotion : film and the urban fabric
  Keiller, Patrick. Urban space and early film
  Trotter, David. The space beside : lateral exposition, gender and urban narrative space in D.W. Griffith's biograph films
  Webber, Andrew. Symphony of a city : motion pictures and still lives in Weimar Berlin
  Koeck, Richard. Modern life in high treazon : visual and narrative analysis of a near-future cinematic city
  Elsaesser, Thomas. City of light, Garderns of delight
  Uricchio, William. Imag(i)ing the city : simonides to the sims
  Cooper, Sarah. Time and the city : Chris Marker
  Pens, Francois. From topographical coherence to creative geography : Rohmer's the Aviator's wife and Rivette's Pont du Nord
  Scribner, Charity. Controlled space : the built envioronment of margarethe von Trotta's the Gernam sisters
  Smith, Paul Julian. Temporal geographies : comic strip and cinema in 1980s Madrid
  Kantaris, Geoffrey. Lolo/Lolo : filming gender and violence in the Mexican city
  Jenkins, Henry. Looking at the city in the Matrix Franchise
  Pollacchi, Elena. The sound of the city : Chiness films of the 1990s and urban noise
  McNeill, Isabelle. Transitional spaces : media, memory and the city in contemporary Franch film
  Dimendberg, Edward. Tolstoy in Los Angeles : ivans xtc
  Petit, Chris. The tattered labyrinth : a selective A-Z of London cinema
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