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Title Performance : critical concepts in literary and cultural studies ; v. 4 / edited by Philip Auslander.
Published London ;New York : Routledge, 2003
Detail xi, 461 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Auslander, Philip, 1956-
  Poirier, Richard. Performing self
  Harding, Frances. Presenting and re-presenting the self :from not-acting to acting in African Performance
  West, Candace. Doing difference
  Fenstermaker, Susan. Doing difference
  Benston, Kimberly W. Prologue :performing blackness
  Butler, Judith. Performative acts and gender constitution :an essay in phenomenology and feminist theroy
  Foster, Susan Leigh. Choreographies of gender
  Case, Sue-Ellen. Performing lesbian in the space of technology :part I
  Fried, Michael. Art and objecthood
  Sayre, Henry. Object of performance :aesthetics in the seventies
  Feral, Josette. Performance and theatricality :the subject demystified
  Kaye, Nick. British live art
  Fischer-sLichte, Erika. Performance art and ritual :bodies in performance
  Forte, Jeanie. Women's performance art :feminism and postmodernism
  Wheeler, Britta B. Negotiating deviance and normativity :performance art, boundary transgressions, and social change
  Sontag, Susan. Film and theatre
  Copeland, Roger. Presence of mediation
  Pontbriand, Chantal. Eye finds no fixed point on which to rest
  Gracyk, Theodore. Listening to music :performances and recordings
  Murphie, Andrew. Negotiating presence :performance and new technologies
  Tillis, Steve. Art of pupetry in the age of media production
  Causey, Matthew. Screen test of the double :The uncanny performer in the space of technology
  Saltz, David Z. Art of intheaction :interactivity, performativity, and computers
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