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Title Max Weber : critical assessments 1 V.2 : mead and symbolic interactionism / edited by Peter Hamilton.
Published London : Routledge, 1997
Detail 354 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Alatas, Syed Hussein. Weber Thesis and South East Asia
  Ball, Donald W. Catholics, Calvinists, and Rational Control :Further Explorations in the Weberian Thesis
  Barclay, Harold B. Protestant Ethic Versus Spirit of Capitalism?
  Birnbaum, Norman. Zwinglian reformation in Zurich
  Bouma, Gary D. Beyond Lenski :A Critical Review of Recent 'Protestant Ethic' Research
  Fischoff, Ephraim. Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitaliam
  Forcese, Denis P. Calvinism, Capitalism and Confusion :The Weberian Thesis Revisited
  Geertz, Clifford. Religious Belief and Economic Behavior in a Central Javanese Town
  George, Charles. Protestantism and Capitalism in Pre-revolutionary England
  George, Katherine. Protestantism and Capitalism in Pre-revolutionary England
  Goodman, Mark J. Type Methodology and Type Myth :Some Antecedents of Max Weber's Approach
  Greelely, Andrew M. Protestant Ethic :Time for a Moratorium
  Hall, John R. Max Weber's Methodological Strategy and Comparative Lifeworld Phenomenology
  Hamilton, Peter, 1947-
  Hansen, Neils. Protestant Ethic as a General Precondition for Economic Development
  Johnson, Benton. Max Weber and American Protestantism
  Marshall, Gordon. Dark side of the Weber thesis :the case of Scotland
  Marshall, Gordon. Weber thesis and the development of capitalism in Scotland
  Munch, Peter A. 'Sense' and 'Intention' in Max Weber 's Theory of Social Action
  Nelson, Benjamin. Conscience and the Making of Early Modern Cultures :The Protestant Ethic Beyond Max Weber
  Rabb, Theodore K. Religion and the rise of modern science
  Razzell, Peter. Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism :a natural scientific critique
  Tiryakian, Edward A. Sociological Import of a Metaphor :Tracking the Source of Max Weber's "Iron Cage"
  Tucker, William T. Max Weber's Verstehen
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