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Title Modernity : critical concepts V.2 cultural modernity / edited by Malcolm Waters.
Series Routledge critical concepts
Published London : Routledge, 1999
Detail 464 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Waters, Malcolm, 1946-, ed
  Davis, Kingsley. World Demographic Transition
  Goods, William J. Industrialization and Family Change
  Simmel, Georg. Metropolis and Mental Life
  Wirth, Louis. Urbanism as a Way of Life
  Gans, H.J. Urbanism and Suburbanism as Ways of Life
  Berger, Peter L. Modernity and its Discontents
  Berger, Brigitte. Modernity and its Discontents
  Inkeles, Alex. Model of the Modern Man
  Barrett, Michele. Gender and the Division of Labour
  Brenner, Johanna. Rethinking Women's Oppression
  Ramas, Maria. Rethinking Women's Oppression
  Walby, Sylvia. Theorising Patriarchy
  Giddens, Anthony. Modernity and Self-Identity
  Bellah, Robert N. Religious Evolution
  Wilson, Bryan. Secularization and its Discontents
  Lechner, Frank J. Cultural Aspects of the Modern World-System
  Campbell, Colin. Understanding Traditional and Modern Patterns of Consumption in Eighteenth-Century England
  Featherstone, Mike. Consumer Culture and Global Disorder
  Horkheimer, Max. Culture Industry :Enlightenment as Mass Deception
  Adorno, Theodor W., 1903-1969. Culture Industry :Enlightenment as Mass Deception
  McLuhan, Marshall. Television :The Timid Giant
  Alexander, Jeffrey C. Mass News Media in Systemic, Historical and Comparative Perspective
  Bourdieu, Pierre. Cultural Reproduction and Social Reproduction
  De Solla Price, Derek J. Diseases of Science
  Bell, Daniel. Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism
  Aborcrombie, Nicholas. Cultural Contradictions of Modernity
  Hill, Stephen. Cultural Contradictions of Modernity
  Mannheim, Karl. Changes in the Configuration of the Utopian Mentality :Its Stages in Modern Times
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