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Title South East Asia, colonial history : V.4 imperial decline: nationalism and the Japanese challenge (1920s-1940s) / edited by Paul H. Kratoska.
Published London ;New York : Routledge, 2001
Detail 441 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm
Added Author Kratoska, Paul H
  Thompson, Virginia. Comparative nationalisms
  Furnivall, J. S. (John Sydenham). Nationalism and internationalism in South East Asia
  Thompson, Virginia. Netherlands Indies
  Kennedy, Raymond. Indonesian politics and parties
  Bousquet, G.H. International position of Netherlands India
  Lattimore, Owen. Comment and correspondence :the international position of Netherlands India
  Anonymous. Introduction to Burma during the Japanese occupation
  Thompson, Virginia. Burma
  Thompson, Virginia. British Malaya
  Thompson, Virginia. French Indo-China
  Thompson, Carmi A. Are the Filipinos ready for independence?
  Guevara, Pedro. Philippine problem
  Hawes, Harry B. Philippine Independence Act
  Harrington, Thomas. Philippines on the eve of change
  Porter, Catherine. Independent Philippines and Japan
  Mcnutt, Paul V. Philippines :asset or liability?
  Hayden, Joseph Ralston. Philippines at the threshold of independence
  Christian, John L. Thailand renascent
  Grajdanzev, A.J. Japan's co-prosperity sphere
  Jones, F.C. Structure of Greater East Asia
  Pramoj, M.R. Seni. Thailand and Japan
  Van Zyll De Jong, Ellen. Economic mobilization in Netherlands India
  Jones, F.C. Indonesia
  Pelzer, Karl. Postwar plans for Indonesia
  Thompson, Virginia. Japan's blueprint for Indonesia
  Porter, Catherine. Preparedness in the Philippines
  Jones, F.C. Philippines
  Porter, Catherine. Japan's blue-print for the Philippines
  Weston, Lora S. Co-prosperity fails in the Philippines
  Emerson, Rupert. Challenge to "Mother America"
  Romulo, Carlos P. Philippines pattern
  Thompson, Virginia. Indo-China in Suspended animation
  Thompson, Virginia. Japan in Indo-China
  Jones, F.C. Indo-Chinese union
  Jones, F.C. Burma
  Barber, Alvin. British Malaya on a war footing
  Jones, F.C. Malaya
  Anonymous. British views on the colonial problem
  Emerson, Rupert. Destinies for South East Asia
  Broek, J.O.M. Future of South East Asia
  Crosby, Josiah. Observations on a post-war settlement in South East Asia
  Salisbury, Laurence E. Colonial Asia :December 7, 1944
  Pearn, B.R. Background to the restoration of the evicted Western regimes
  Sharp, Lauriston. Colonial regimes in South East Asia
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