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Title The sociology of the environment : V.2 / edited by Michael Redclift and Graham Woodgate.
Series The international library of critical writings in sociology ; -- 1
Published Aldershot, UK : E. Elgar Pub., c1995
Detail 612 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Atkinson, Adrian. 'Laying out the Ground'
  Bahro, Rudolf. 'Basic Positions of The Greens :For an Ecological Answer to the Economic Crisis'
  Bennett, John W. 'Ecosystems, Environmentalism, Resource Conservation, and Anthropological Research'
  Benton, Ted. 'Malthusian Challenge :Ecology, Natural Limits and Human Emancipation'
  Brennan, Andrew. 'Beyond the Social Contract'
  Buttel, Frederick R. 'Population, and the Environment' in Environment'
  Devall, Bill. 'Deep Ecology'
  Dobson, Andrew. 'Ecologism, Socialism and Feminism'
  Ellen, Roy. 'Environmental Determinism and Causal Correlation'
  Galtung, Johan. 'Towards a New Economics :On the Theory and Practice of Self-Reliance'
  Hardin, Garrett. 'Tragedy of the Commons'
  Henderson, Hazel. 'Warp and the Weft :The Coming Synthesis of Eco-Philosophy and Eco-Feminism
  Hildyard, Nicholas. 'Liberation Ecology'
  Humphrey, Craig R. 'Population, and the Environment' in Environment'
  Illich, Ivan D. 'Multiple Balance'
  Lovelock, James. 'Evolving Gaia Theory'
  Luke, Tim. 'Dreams of Deep Ecology'
  Malthus, Thomas. 'Theory of Population'
  Marcuse, Herbert. 'Catastrophe of Liberation'
  Mellor, Mary. 'Eco-Feminism and Eco-Socialism :Dilemmas of Essentialism and Materialism'
  Merchant, Carolyn. 'Conclusion :The Radical Ecology Movement'
  Merchant, Carolyn. 'Nature as Female'
  Naess, Arne. 'From Ecology to Ecosophy'
  Naess, Arne. 'Shallow and the Deep, Long-Range Ecology Movement :A Summary'
  O'Riordan, T. 'Evolution of Modern Environmentalism'
  Plumwood, Val. 'Feminism and Ecofeminism :Beyond hte Dualistic Assumptions of Women, Men Nature'
  Plumwood, Val. 'Women, Humanity and Nature'
  Porritt, Jonathon. 'Industrialism in All its Glory'
  Redclift, M. R., ed
  Sachs, Wolfgang. 'Environent and Development :The Story of a Dangerous Liaison'
  Sandbach, Francis. 'Environmental Futures'
  Schumacher, E.F. Proper Use of Land'
  Sessions, George. 'Deep Ecology'
  Shaw, R. Paul. 'Rapid Population Growth and Environmental Degradation :Untimate versus Proximate Factors'
  Shiva, Vandana. 'Science, Nature and Gender'
  Skolimowski, Henryk. 'Ecological Humanism'
  Sylvan, Richard. 'Critique of Deep Ecology'
  Woodgate, Graham, 1960-, ed
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