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Title Central currents in social theory : Contemporary sociological theory 1920-2000 V.5 / edited by Raymond Boudon & Mohamed Cherkaoui.
Published London : Sage, 2000
Detail 423 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Axelrod, Robert. Live and Let Live :How ot Explain Cooperation Between Antagonists
  Bernstein, Basil. Sociolingguistic Approach to Socialization
  Boudon, Raymond, ed
  Boudon, Raymond. Social Mechanisms Without Black Boxes
  Buchanan, James M. Freedom in Constitutional Contract
  Cherkaoui, Mohamed, ed
  Crozier, Michel. Power and Uncertainty in Organization
  Cyert, R.M. Behavioural Theory of the Firm
  Downs, Anthony. How Political Ideologies Change to Gain Votes
  Homans, George C. Marriage, Authority and Final Causes
  Homans, George Caspar. Human Exchange
  Lazarsfeld, Paul. Communication Research and the Social Psychologist
  Levi-Strauss, Claude. Elementary Structures of Kinship
  March, J.G. Behavioural Theory of the Firm
  Merton, Robert K. Social Structure and Anomic
  Noelle-Neumann, Elisabeth. Spiral of Silence :A Theory of Public Opinion
  Olson, Mancur. Logic of Collective Action
  Parsons, Talcott. On the Concept of Political Power
  Rawls, John. Theory of Justice
  Schneider, David Murray, 1918- Marriage, Authority and Final Causes
  Schumpeter, Joseph A. Common Principles of Liberal Democracy and the Market
  Simon, Herbert. Theories of Bounded Rationality
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