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Title Central currents in social theory : Contemporary sociological theory 1920-2000 V.8 / edited by Raymond Boudon & Mohamed Cherkaoui.
Published London : Sage, 2000
Detail 476 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Bar-Hillel, Yehoshua. Thinking and Social Context
  Becker, Gary. Human Capital and the Rise and Fall of Families
  Blau, Peter. How Sociological Theorems Can Be Deduced from an Axiomatic
  Boudon, Raymond, ed
  Bourricaud, Francois. Against Sociologism
  Cherkaoui, Mohamed, ed
  Coleman, James S. Biases of Social Policy as Consequences of Micro-Macro Problems
  Elster, Jon. Dialectic and Explanation
  Festinger, Leon. Cognitive Dissonance
  Giddens, Anthony. Question of Structural Constraints
  Goldthorpe, John H. Integration of Social Theory and Social Research
  Kahneman, Daniel. Notion of Cognitive Bias
  Keyfitz, Nathan. Demographic Theories
  Lindenberg, Siegwart. Assessment of the New Political Economy
  Merton, Robert K. Manifest and Latent Functions
  Needham, Rodney. Polythetic Classification
  Radcliffe-Brown, A. R. (Alfred Reginald), 1881-1955. On Social Structure
  Riecken, Henry W. Cognitive Dissonance
  Simon, Herbert A. Bandwagon and Underdog Effects of Election Predictions
  Spengler, Joseph. Demographic Theories
  Tilly, Charles. Causes of Revolutionary Situations
  Tomes, Nigel. Human Capital and the Rise and Fall of Families
  Tullock, Gordon. Does Punishment Deter Crime?
  Tversky, Amos. Notion of Cognitive Bias
  Whorf, Benjamin Lee, 1897-1941. Relation of Habitual Thought and Behaviour to Language
  Winch, Peter. Wittgenstein's Epistemology and the Understanding of Society
  Yamaguchi, Kazuo. Rational-Choice Theories of Anticipatory Socialization and Anticipatory Non-Socialization
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