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Title Anthropology off the shelf : anthropologists on writing / edited by Alisse Waterston and Maria D. Vesperi.
Published Chichester, UK ;Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2009
Detail xvi, 213 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Baker, Lee D. Saggin' and braggin'
  Ball, Sharon. Remembering Octavia
  Barnes, Andrew. Stories for readers : a few observations from outside the academy
  Behar, Ruth. Believing in anthropology as literature
  Brodkin, Karen. Remember when writing was fun? : why academics should go on a low syllable, active voice diet
  Di Leonardo, Micaela. Trope of the pith helmet : America's anthropology, anthropology's America
  Farmer, Paul. Fighting words
  Fordham, Signithia. Write ous indignation : Black girls, dilemmas of cultural domination and the struggle to speak the skin we are in
  Kingfisher, Catherine. Off the shelf and into oblivion?
  Kirksey , S. Eben "Don't use your data as a pillow"
  McClaurin, Irma. Walking in Zora's shoes or "seek(ing) out de inside meanin' of words" : the intersections of anthropology, ethnography, identity, and writing
  Nordstrom, Carolyn. Bard
  Sanjek, Roger. Book that wrote me
  Spears, Arthur K. Writing truth to power : racism as statecraft
  Vesperi, Maria D
  Vesperi, Maria D. Introduction : the writer in the anthropologist
  Vesperi, Maria D. Taking chances
  Waterston, Alisse, 1951-
  Waterston, Alisse. Introduction : the writer in the anthropologist
  Waterston, Alisse. Writing poverty, drawing readers : stories in Love, sorrow and rage
  Zinn, Howard. Speaking truth to power with books
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