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Title Boundaries and belonging : states and societies in the struggle to shape identities and local practices / edited by Joel S. Migdal.
Published Cambridge, UK ;New York : Cambridge, 2004
Detail x, 363 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Migdal, Joel S
  Migdal, Joel S. Mental maps and virtual checkpoints : struggles to construct and maintain state and social boundaries
  Kasaba, Resat. Do states always favor stasis? : the changing status of tribes in the Ottoman empire
  Stein, Sarah Abrevaya. Permeable boundaries of Ottoman Jewry
  Kemp, Adriana. "Dangerous populations" : state territoriality and the constitution of national minorities
  Callahan, Mary P. Making Myanmars : language, territory, and belonging in post-socialist Burma
  Watts, Nicole F. Institutionalizing virtual Kurdistan West : transnational networks and ethnic contention in international affairs
  Basson, Lauren. Challenging boundaries and belongings : "mixed blood" allotment disputes at the turn of the twentieth century
  Lawson, Kenneth G. Belonging and not : Rossland, British Columbia, during the Great War
  Diamant, Neil. Boundaries and belonging in conditions of extreme politicization : the Chinese state in private and public spaces, 1949-1968
  Woods, Patricia J. Gender and the reproduction and maintenance of group boundaries : why the "secular" state matters to religious authorities in Israel
  Sparke, Matthew. Passports into credit cards : on the borders and spaces of neoliberal citizenship
  Conant, Lisa. Contested boundaries : citizens, states, and supranational belonging in the European Union
  Arat, Yesim. Boundaries of the nation-state and the lure of the Islamic community in Turkey
  Hibou, Beatrice. Conclusion
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