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Title Nationalism / edited by John Hutchinson and Anthony D. Smith.
Published Oxford ;New York : Oxford University Press, 1994
Detail ix, 378 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Hutchinson, John, 1949-
  Smith, Anthony D
  Renan, Ernest. Qu'est-ce qu'une nation?
  Stalin, Joseph. Nation
  Weber, Max. Nation
  Deutsch, Karl W. Nationalism and Social Communication
  Geertz, Clifford. Primordial and Civic Ties
  Giddens, Anthony. Nation as Power-Container
  Connor, Walker. Nation is a Nation, is a State, is an Ethnic Group, is a
  Kedourie, Elie. Nationalism and Self-Determination
  Gellner, Ernest. Nationalism and Modernization
  Gellner, Ernest. Nationalism and High Cultures
  Nairn, Tom. Maladies of Development
  Hobsbawm, Eric. Nation as Invented Tradition
  Brass, Paul R. Elite Competition and Nation-Formation
  Van Den Berghe, Pierre. Socio-Biological Perspective
  Breuilly, John. Sources of Nationalist Ideology
  Smith, Anthony D. Crisis of Dual Legitimation
  Hutchinson, John. Cultural Nationalism and Moral Regeneration
  Seton-Watson, Hugh. Old and New Nations
  Reynolds, Susan. Regnal Sentiments and Medieval Communities
  Armstrong, John. Nations before Nationalism
  Smith, Anthony D. Origins of Nations
  Connor, Walker. When is a Nation?
  Kohn, Hans. Western and Eastern Nationalisms
  Greenfeld, Liah. Types of European Nationalism
  Sugar, Peter. Nationalism in Eastern Europe
  Hobsbawm, Eric. Rise of Ethno-Linguistic Nationalisms
  Hechter, Michael. Ethno-Regional Movements in the West
  Levi, Margaret. Ethno-Regional Movements in the West
  Anderson, Benedict R. O'G. (Benedict Richard O'Gorman), 1936- Creole Pioneers of Nationalism
  Kedourie, Elie. Dark Gods and their Rites
  Chatterjee, Partha. National History and its Exclusions
  Robinson, Francis. Islam and Nationalism
  Matossian, Mary. Ideologies of Delayed Development
  Young, Crawford. Colonial Construction of African Nations
  Neuberger, Benyamin. State and Nation in African Thought
  Johnson, Harry. Economic Nationalism in New States
  Carr, Edward H. Three Phases of Nationalism
  Cobban, Alfred. Rise of the Nation-State Systern
  Tilly, Charles. Europs and the International State System
  Howard, Michael. War and Nations
  Lijphart, Arend. Ethnic Conflict in the West
  Horowitz, Donald. Logic of Secessions
  Mayall, James. Irredentist and Secessionist Challenges
  Armstrong, John. Towards a Post-Communist World
  Richmond, Anthony H. Ethnic Nationalism and Post-Industrialism
  McNell, William H. Reasserting the Polyethnic Norm
  Bhabha, Homi. Narrating the Nation
  Anthias, Floya. Women and the Nation-State
  Yuval-Davis, Nira. Women and the Nation-State
  Schlesinger, Philip. Europeanness :A New Cultural Battlefield?
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