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Title Cosmopolitan archaeologies / Lynn Meskell, editor.
Published Durham : Duke University Press, 2009
Detail 296 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Added Author Meskell, Lynn
  Meskell, Lynn. Introduction : cosmopolitan heritage ethics
  Lydon, Jane. Young and free : the Australian past in a global future
  Lilley, Ian. Strangers and brothers? : heritage, human rights, and cosmopolitan archaeology in Oceania
  Byrne, Denis. Archaeology and the fortress of rationality
  Meskell, Lynn. Nature of culture in Kruger National Park
  Gonzalez-Ruibal, Alferedo. Vernacular cosmopolitanism : an archaeological critique of universalistic reason
  Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Chip. Archaeologist as a world citizen : on the morals of heritage preservation and destruction
  Scham, Sandra Arnold. "Time's wheel runs back" : conversations with the Middle Eastern past
  Hodder, Ian. Mavili's voice
  Breglia, Lisa. "Walking around like they own the place" : quotidian cosmopolitanism at a Maya and World Heritage archaeological site
  Benavides, O. Hugo. Translating Ecuadorian modernities : pre-Hispanic archaeology and the reproduction of global difference
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