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Title Beyond dichotomies : histories, identities, cultures, and the challenge of globalization / edited by Elisabeth Mudimbe-Boyi.
Published Albany : State University of New York Press, c2002
Detail xxv, 317 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Trouillot, Michel-Rolph. Perspective of the World: Globalization Then and Now
  Pratt, Mary Louise. Modernity and Periphery: Toward a Global and Relational Analysis
  Eze, Emmanuel Chukwudi. Beyond Dichotomies: Communicative Action and Cultural Hegemony
  Schipper, Mineke. Mankind's Proverbial Imagination: Critical Perspectives on Human Universals As a Global Challenge
  Dirlik, Arif. Bringing History Back In: Of Diasporas, Hybridities, Places, and Histories
  Julien, Eileen. Romance of Africa: Three Narratives by African-American Women
  Young, Robert J. C. Ethnicity As Otherness in British Identity Politics
  Gupta, Akhil. Reincarnating Immigrant Biography: On Migration and Transmigration
  Apter, Emily. Warped Speech: The Politics of Global Translation
  Behdad, Ali. National Identity and Immigration: American Polity, Nativism, and the "Alien"
  JanMohamed, Abdul. Richard Wright As a Specular Border Intellectual: The Politics of Identification in Black Power
  Schiwy, Freya. Beyond Dichotomies: Translation/Transculturation and the Colonial Difference
  Glissant, Edouard. The Unforeseeable Diversity of the World
  Mignolo, Walter D. Beyond Dichotomies: Translation/Transculturation and the Colonial Difference
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