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Title Metropolis : center and symbol of our times / edited by Philip Kasinitz.
Published New York : New York University Press, 1995
Detail xii, 486 p. ; 22 cm
Added Author Mumford, Lewis. Culture of Cities
  Simmel, Georg. Metropolis and Mental Life
  Benjamin, Walter. Paris: Capital of the Nineteenth Century
  Wirth, Louis. Urbanism as a Way of Life
  Corbusier, Le. New York is not a Completed City
  Jacobs, Jane Uses of Sidewalks
  Berman, Marshall In the Forest of Symbols: Some Notes on Modernism in New York
  Gans, Herbert J. Urbanism and Suburbanism as Ways of Life: A Reevaluation of Definitions
  Bensman, Joseph. Race, Ethnicity and New Forms of Urban Community
  Hunter, Albert. Private, Parochial and Public Social Orders: The Problem of Crime and Incivility in Urban Communities
  Sennett, Richard. Community Becomes Uncivilized
  Young, Iris Marion. City Life and Difference
  Weintraub, Jeff. Varieties and Vicissitudes of Public Space
  Walzer, Michael. Pleasures and Costs of Urbanity
  Anderson, Elijah. Street Etiquette and Street Wisdom
  Davis, Mike. Fortress Los Angeles: The Militarization of Urban Space
  Siegel, Fred. Reclaiming Our Public Spaces
  Fishman, Robert. Megalopolis Unbound
  Wacquant, Loic J. D. Ghetto, the State and the New Capitalist Economy
  Ferrarotti, Franco. Civil Society as a Polyarchic Form: The City
  Vidich, Arthur J. Race, Ethnicity and New Forms of Urban Community
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