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Title Consumer society in American history : a reader / edited with an introduction and bibliographic essay by Lawrence B. Glickman.
Published Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press, 1999
Detail ix, 420 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Glickman, Lawrence B. Introduction: Born to Shop? Consumer History and American History
  Williams, Raymond. Consumer
  Campbell, Colin. Consuming Goods and the Good of Consuming
  Baudrillard, Jean. Consumer Society
  Fallows, James. What Is an Economy For?
  Durning, Alan. Environmentalist's Perspective on Consumer Society
  Axtell, James. First Consumer Revolution
  Breen, T. H. Narrative of Commercial Life: Consumption, Ideology, and Community on the Eve of the American Revolution
  Appleby, Joyce. Consumption in Early Modern Social Thought
  Cohen, Lizabeth. Encountering Mass Culture at the Grassroots: The Experience of Chicago Workers in the 1920s
  Sanchez, George. Familiar Sounds of Change: Music and the Growth of Mass Culture
  Heinze, Andrew. From Scarcity to Abundance: The Immigrant as Consumer
  Swiencicki, Mark A. Consuming Brotherhood: Men's Culture, Style and Recreation as Consumer Culture, 1880-1930
  Greenberg, Cheryl. "Don't Buy Where You Can't Work"
  Moorhouse, H. F. 'Work' Ethic and 'Leisure' Activity: The Hot Rod in Post-War America
  May, Elaine Tyler. Commodity Gap: Consumerism and the Modern Home
  Weems, Robert E. Revolution Will be Marketed: American Corporations and Black Consumers During the 1960s
  Schor, Juliet B. All Work and No Play. Doesn't Pay
  Moody, Kim When High Wage Jobs Are Gone, Who Will Buy What We Make?
  Elkington, John. Green Consumer
  Schudson, Michael Delectable Materialism: Second Thoughts on Consumer Culture
  Waldman, Steven Tyranny of Choice
  Berry, Wendell Pleasures of Eating
  Agnew, Jean-Christophe Coming Up for Air: Consumer Culture in Historical Perspective
  Glickman, Lawrence B. Bibliographic Essay
  Hailes, Julia Green Consumer
  Makower, Joel. Green Consumer
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