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Title What's the use of art? : Asian visual and material culture in context / Jan Mr?azek and Morgan Pitelka, editors.
Published Honolulu : University of Hawai?i Press, c2008
Detail 313 p. : ill., maps, 25 cm
Added Author Decaroli, Robert From the Living Rock : Understanding Figural Representation in Early South Asia
  Cort, Louise Allison Disposable but Indispensable : The Earthenware Vessel as Vehicle of Meaning in Japan
  Davis, Richard H. From the Wedding Chamber to the Museum : Relocating the Ritual Arts of Madhubani
  Hoskins, Janet In the Realm of the Indigo Queen : Dyeing, Exchange Magic, and the Elusive Tourist Dollar on Sumba
  Hevia, James L. Plunder, Markets, and Museums : The Biographies of Chinese Imperial Objects in Europe and North America
  Bogel, Cynthea J. Situating Moving Objects : A Sino-Japanese Catalogue of Imported Items, 800 CE to the Present
  Thompson, Ashley Angkor Revisited : The State of Statuary
  Pedersen, Lene Ancestral Keris, Balinese Kingship, and a Modern Presidency
  McGowan, Kaja M. Raw Ingredients and Deposit Boxes in Balinese Sanctuaries: A Congruence of Obsessions
  Mrazek, Jan Ways of Experiencing Art : Art History, Television, and Javanese Wayang
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