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Title After terror : promoting dialogue among civilizations / edited by Akbar Ahmed and Brian Forst.
Published Cambridge ;Malden, MA : Polity Press, 2005
Detail xxviii, 196 p. ; 22 cm
Added Author Ahmed, Akbar. Toward a more civil twenty-first century
  Brzezinski, Zbigniew. simple power of weakness, the complex vulnerability of power
  Eck, Diana L. Dialogue and the echo boom of terror : religious women's voices after 9/11
  Gan, Rajmohan. Closing chapters of enmity
  Isaacson, Walter. Benjamin Franklin's gift of tolerance
  Tutu, Archbishop Desmond. God's word and world politics
  Tharoor, Shashi. role of the media in promoting tolerance
  Mello, Sergio Vieira de. Civilization, human rights, and collective responsibility
  Williams, Jody. Endless enemies or human security
  Khatami, Seyed Mohammed. Dialogue among civilizations and cultures
  Etzioni, Amitai. Transnational moral dialogues
  Strathern, Dame Marilyn. In other people's shoes
  Shankar, Ravi. universal language, without boundary or prejudice
  Annan, Kofi. Dialogue among civilizations
  Carey, George. productive airing of grievances
  Wilson, Edward O. All of man's troubles
  Sacks, Jonathan. Turning enemies into friends
  Jordan, Noor of. Security through dialogue
  Sonn, Tamara. power of dialogue : redefining "us"
  Pearl, Judea. On clash, morality, renaissance, and dialogue
  Elshtain, Jean Bethke. just war tradition and cultural dialogue
  Talal, El Hassan bin. Celebrating differences on our melting pot planet
  Lewis, Bernard. Clash or dialogue of cultures?
  Wolfensohn, James D. fellowship of dialogue
  Nye, Joseph S. Hard power and soft power
  Barber, Benjamin R. Global governance in an interdependent world
  Ury, William L. Getting to peace : awakening the third side
  Marty, Martin. Risking hospitality
  Ahmed, Akbar. Toward a more civil twenty-first century
  Forst, Brian. Toward a more civil twenty-first century
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