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Title Nazism, war and genocide : new perspectives on the history of the Third Reich / edited by Neil Gregor.
Published Exeter, UK : University of Exeter Press, 2008
Detail xiv, 226 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Gregor, Neil, 1969-
  Gregor, Neil. Nazism-a political religion? Rethinking the voluntarist turn
  Caplan, Jane. Political detention and the origin of the concentration camps in Nazi Germany, 1933-1935/6
  Geary, Dick. Working-class identities in the Third Reich
  Gellately, Robert. Social outsiders and the consolidation of Hitler's dictatorship, 1933-1939
  Wachsmann, Nikolaus. 'Soldiers of the home front': jurists and legal terror during the Second World War
  Stephenson, Jill. Germans, Slavs and the burden of work in rural southern Germany during the Second World War
  Kershaw, Ian. Did Hitler miss his chance in 1940?
  Roseman, Mark. Shoot first and ask questions afterwards? Wannsee and the unfolding of the Final Solution
  Frei, Norbert. Auschwitz and the Germans: history, knowledge and memory
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