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Title The consumer society / edited by Neva R. Goodwin, Frank Ackerman, and David Kiron.
Published Washington, D.C. : Island Press, c1997
Detail xxxviii, 385 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Goodwin, Neva
  Ackerman, Frank
  Kiron, David
  Goodwin, Neva. Overview essay
  Durning, Alan. Asking How Much Is Enough
  Crocker, David A. Consumption, Well-Being, and Virtue
  Sahlins, Marshall. The Original Affluent Society
  Leiss, William. The Limits to Satisfaction : Examination
  Easterlin, Richard. Will Raising the Incomes of All Increase the Happiness of All?
  Schnaiberg, Allan. The Expansion of Consumption
  Schor, Juliet. New Analytic Bases for an Economic Critique of Consumer Society
  Campbell, Colin. Consumption: The New Wave of Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  Cross, Gary. Traumas of Time and Money in Prosperity and Depression
  Schor, Juliet. The Insidious Cycle of Work and Spend
  Benton, Raymond Benton, Jr. Work, Consumption, and the Joyless Consumer
  Miller, Daniel. The Study of Consumption, Object Domains, Ideology, and Interests and Toward a Theory of Consumption
  Warde, Alan. Notes on the Relationship Between Production and Consumption
  Johnson, Harry G. The Political Economy of Opulence
  Linder, Staffan B. The Increasing Scarcity of Time
  Hirsch, Fred. Social Limits to Growth: The Commercialization Bias
  Venkatesh, Alladi. Changing Consumption Patterns: The Transformation of Orange County Since World War II
  Zelizer, Viviana. The Domestic Production of Monies
  Haralovich, Mary Beth. Sitcoms and Suburbs: Positioning the 1950s Homemaker
  Willis, Susan. Gender as Commodity
  Firat, A. Fuat. Gender and Consumption: Transcending the Feminine?
  Dittmar, Helga. Meanings of Material Possessions as Reflections of Identity
  Lane, Robert E. Friendship or Commodities? The Road Not Taken: Friendship, Consumerism, and Happiness
  Kline, Stephen. Playing with Culture: Toys, TV, and Children's Culture in the Age of Marketing
  McCracken, Grant. The History of Consumption: A Literature Review and Consumer Guide
  Shammas, Carole. Changes in English and Anglo-American Consumption from 1550 to 1800
  Mukerji, Chandra. Pictorial Prints and the Growth of Consumerism: Class and Cosmopolitanism in Early Modern Cultureerji
  Shi, David E. The Quaker Ethic: Plain Living and High Thinking in American Culture
  McKendrick, Neil. The Consumer Revolution of Eighteenth-Century England
  Fine, Ben. Consumerism and the Industrial Revolution
  Leopold, Ellen. Consumerism and the Industrial Revolution
  Laermans, Rudi. Learning to Consume: Early Department Stores and the Shaping of the Modern Consumer Culture (1800-1914)
  Lears, T. J. Jackson. From Salvation to Self-Realization: Advertising and the Therapeutic Roots of Consumer Culture
  Cross, Gary. The Consumer's Comfort and Dream
  Kassiola, Joel Jay. Materialism and Modern Political Philosophy
  Lutz, Mark A. The History of Economics from a Humanistic Perspective
  Lux, Kenneth. The History of Economics from a Humanistic Perspective
  Lee, Martyn J. Capital, Labor, and the Commodity Form
  Hamilton, David B. Institutional Economics and Consumption
  Drakopoulos, S. A. Keynes' Economic Thought and the Theory of Consumer Behavior
  Duesenberry, James S. A Reformulation of the Theory of Saving
  Leibenstein, Harvey. Bandwagon, Snob, and Veblen Effects in the Theory of Consumers' Demand
  Nurkse, Ragnar. The Standard of Living and the Capacity to Save
  England, Paula. The Separative Self: Androcentric Bias in Neoclassical Assumptions
  Benton, Raymond, Jr. Alternative Approaches to Consumer Behavior
  Galbraith, John Kenneth. The Imperatives of Consumer Demand and the Dependence Effect
  Fine, Ben. Economics, Psychology, and Consumer Behavior
  Leopold, Ellen. Economics, Psychology, and Consumer Behavior
  Scitovsky, Tibor. The Psychology and Economics of Motivation
  Hirsch, Fred. The Neglected Realm of Social Scarcity
  Frank, Robert H. The Demand for Unobservable and Other Nonpositional Goods
  Lancaster, Kelvin. Change and Innovation in the Technology of Consumption
  Akerlof, George A. Procrastination and Obedience
  Pollay, Richard. The Distorted Mirror: Reflections on the Unintended Consequences of Advertising
  Campbell, Colin. Modern Consumerism and Imaginative Hedonism
  Richins, Marsha. Social Comparison, Advertising, and Consumer Discontent
  Leiss, William. Limits to Satisfaction: Diagnosis
  Leiss, William. Goods as Satisfiers
  Kline, Stephen. Goods as Satisfiers
  Jhally, Sut. Goods as Satisfiers
  Lears, T. J. Jackson. Introduction to Fables of Abundance
  Fine, Ben. Advertising
  Leopold, Ellen. Advertising
  MacDonald, J. Fred. The Emergence of American Television: The Formative Years and Toward a New Video Order: The 1980s
  Kubey, Robert. Television and the Structuring of Experience
  Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly. Television and the Structuring of Experience
  Morley, David. Theories of Consumption in Media Studies
  Cameron, Samuel. Household Debt Problems: Toward a Micro-Macro Linkage
  Sagoff, Mark. The Allocation and Distribution of Resources
  Cogoy, Mario. Market and Nonmarket Determinants of Private Consumption and Their Impacts on the Environment
  Daly, Herman. Consumption : Value Added, Physical Transformation, and Welfare
  Ponting, Clive. Creating the Affluent Society
  Durning, Alan. The Environmental Costs of Consumption
  Young, John E. Creating a Sustainable Materials Economy
  Sachs, Aaron. Creating a Sustainable Materials Economy
  Keyfitz, Nathan. Development and the Elimination of Poverty
  Belk, Russell W. Third World Consumer Culture
  James, Jeffrey. Positional Goods, Conspicuous Consumption, and the International Demonstration Effect Reconsidered
  James, Jeffrey. Advertising in Nonaffluent Societies: Galbraith Revisited
  Lister, Stephen. Advertising in Nonaffluent Societies: Galbraith Revisited
  Sklair, Leslie. The Culture Ideology of Consumerism in the Third World and The Culture Ideology of Consumerism in Urban China
  Janus, Noreene. Transnational Advertising: Some Considerations of the Impact on Peripheral Societies
  Jenkins, Rhys. Transnational Corporations and Third World Consumption: Implications for Competitive Strategies
  Walz, Thomas. Gross National Consumption in the United States: Implications for Third World Development
  Keynes, John Maynard. Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren
  Segal, Jerome M. Alternatives to Mass Consumption
  Schor, Juliet. Exiting the Squirrel Cage
  Scitovsky, Tibor. How to Bring Joy into Economics
  Block, Fred. Qualitative Growth
  Wachtel, Paul. The Poverty of Affluence : New Alternatives
  Durning, Alan. A Culture of Permanence
  Elgin, Duane. Living More Simply and Civilizational Revitalization
  Canda, Edward. Gross National Consumption in the United States: Implications for Third World Development
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