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Title The celebrity culture reader / edited by P. David Marshall.
Published New York ;London : Routledge, 2006
Detail xiv, 853 p. ; 26 cm
Added Author Marshall, P. David
  Sennett, Richard. Man As Actor
  Braudy, Leo. Longing of Alexander
  Weber, Max. Sociology of Charismatic Authority The Nature of Charismatic Authority and Its Routinization
  Boorstin, Daniel J. From Hero to Celebrity :The Human Pseudo-Event
  De Cordova, Richard. Discourse on Acting
  Alberoni, Francesco. Powerless 'Elite' :Theory and Sociological Research on The Phenomenon of The Stars
  Lowenthal, Leo. Triumph of Mass Idols
  Dyer, Richard. Stars as Images
  Langer, John. Television's 'Personality System'
  Marshall, P. David. Meanings of The Popular Music Celebrity :The Construction of Distinctive Authenticity
  Rahman, Momin. Is Straight The New Queer? David Beckham and The Dialectics of Celebrity
  King, Barry. Articulating Stardom
  Stacey, Jackie. Feminine Fascinations :A Question of Identification?
  Fairchild, Charles. Australian Idol and the Attention Economy
  Hermes, Joke. Reading Gossip Magazines :The Imagined Communities of 'Gossip' and 'Camp'
  Marshall, P. David. Intimately Intertwined in The Most Public Way :Celebrity and Journalism
  Moran, Joe. Reign of Hype :The Contemporary (Literary) Star System
  Cole, C.L. America's New Son :Tiger Woods and America's Multiculturalism
  Street, John. Celebrity Politician :Political Style and Popular Culture
  Williams, Jeffrey J. Academostars :Name Recognition
  Rojek, Chris. Celebrity and Religion
  Sternberg, Ernest. Phantasmagoric Labor :The New Economics of Self-Presentation
  Tithecott, Richard. Investigating The Serial Killer :The Seeking of Origins
  Hinerman, Stephen. (Don't) Leave Me Alone :Tabloid Narrative and The Michael Jackson Child-Abuse Scandal
  Giles, David. Quest for Fame
  Turner, Graeme. Celebrity, The Tabloid and The Democratic Public Sphere
  Marshall, P. David. Celebrity Legacy of The Beatles
  Johnson, Richard. Exemplary Differences :Mourning (And Not Mourning) A Princess
  Lumby, Catharine. Vanishing Point
  Kissling, Elizabeth Arveda. I Don't Have A Great Body, But I Play One On TV :The Celebrity Guide To Fitness and Weight Loss in The United States
  Davis, Kathy. Beauty and The Female Body
  Grossberg, Lawrence. Is There A Fan In The House? The Affective Sensibility of Fandom
  Hinerman, Stephen. "I'll Be Here With You" :Fans, Fantasy and The Figure of Elvis
  Rojek, Chris. Psychology of Achieved Celebrity
  Hearn, Alison. "John, A 20-Year-Old Boston Native With a Great Sense of Humor" :On The Spectacularization of The "Self" and The Incorporation of Identity in The Age of Reality Television
  Marshall, P. David. New Media - New Self :The Changing Power of Celebrity
  McLeod, Kembrew. Private Ownership of People
  Gabler, Neal. Walter Winchell :Stardom
  Gamson, Joshua. Negotiated Celebration
  Coombe, Rosemary. Author(iz)ing The Celebrity :Engendering Alternative Identities
  Turner, Graeme. Producing Celebrity
  Bonner, Bonner. Producing Celebrity
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