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Title Musics of many cultures : an introduction / Elizabeth May, editor ; foreword by Mantle Hood.
Published Berkeley : University of California Press, 1983, c1980
Detail xix, 434 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Added Author May, Elizabeth, writer on music
  Nettl, Burno. Ethnomusicology :Definitions, Directions, and Problems
  Han, Kuo-huang. Evolution and Revolution in Chinese Music
  Mark, Lindy Li. Evolution and Revolution in Chinese Music
  Lee, Kang-sook. Certain Experiences in Korean Music
  Malm, William P. Some of Japan's Musics and Musical Principles
  Morton, David. Music of Thailand
  Wade, Bonnie C. Some Principles of Indian Classical Music
  Kartomi, Margaret J. Musical Strata in Sumatra, Java, and Bali
  Kaeppler, Adrienne L. Polynesian Music and Dance
  Jones, Trevor A. Traditional Music of the Australian Aborigines
  Mensah, Atta Annan. Music South of the Sahara
  Blacking, John. Trends in the Black Music of South Africa, 1959-1969
  Ladzekpo, Alferd Kwashie. Anlo Ewe Music in Anyako, Volta Region,Ghana
  Ladzekpo, Kobla. Anlo Ewe Music in Anyako, Volta Region,Ghana
  Kimberlin, Cynthia Tse. Music of Ethiopia
  Pacholezyk, Jozef M. Secular Classical Music in the Arabic Near East
  Zonis, Ella. Classical Iranian Music
  Schwadron, Abraham A. On Jewish Music
  McAllester, David P. North American Native Music
  Koranda, Lorraine D. Music of the Alaskan Eskimos
  Olsen, Dale A. Symbol and Function in South American Indian Music
  Olsen, Dale A. Folk Music of South America-A Musical Mosaic
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