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Title Cultural shaping of violence : victimization, escalation, response / edited by Myrdene Anderson.
Published West Lafayette, Ind. : Purdue University Press, c2004
Detail 330 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Afflitto, Frank M. Intended social effects of a culture of impunity : the case of Guatemala
  Anderson, Myrdene, 1934-
  Anderson, Myrdene. Epilogue : denaturing cultural violence
  Anderson, Myrdene. Introduction : the careless feeding of violence in culture
  Anderson, Myrdene. Reflections on the Saami at loose ends
  Ben-Ari, Eyal. Combat, emotions, and the "enemy" : metaphors of soldiering in a unit of Israeli infantry reserves
  Beresin, Anna Richman. School power, children's play, and the timing of recess violence
  Cohen, Dov. Paradox of politeness
  Dean, Bartholomew. Ambivalent exchanges : the violence of Patronazgo in the Upper Amazon
  Elia, Nada. Epistemic violence, smear-campaigns, and hit-lists : disappearing the Palestinians
  Elia, Nada. Liberation, de-liberations, and stallings, or, is the "post" here yet?
  Fandino, Mario. Moral cycle of egoistic and altruistic violence : a century of bloodshed in Colombia
  Fonseca, Claudia. Honor and violence in a Brazilian slum : gendered checks and balances in the politics of everyday life
  Hacker, Barton C. Fortunes of war : from primitive warfare to nuclear policy in anthropological thought
  Hautzinger, Sarah. "Here the cock does not crow, for he is not the lord of the land" : machismo, insecurity, and male violence in Brazil
  Holtzman, Jon D. Transformations in domestic violence and conflict resolution within a Midwestern U.S. Nuer refugee community
  Jimeno, Myriam. Reprimand and respect, love and fear in experiences of violence in Colombia
  Lutes, Steven V. Violence by the book : redefining the legitimate use of force in municipal policing
  Mackey, Wade C. Violent crime and the loss of fathers : beyond the long arm
  McDonald, Linda. Violence absorbed : lives of children in an American city
  Moore, Rhonda J. Being broken in the Marines : the social construction of belonging in the U.S. Marine Corps
  Naveh, Gila Safran. Violence as culture : "educating" political prisoners in Romania
  Perice, Glen. Political violence and the public eye
  Richards, Cara. Introduction : the careless feeding of violence in culture
  Rogers, Linda J. Growing up with violence in Northern Ireland : making meaning of institutionalized violence
  Sault, Nicole. Godmother as mediator : constraining violence in a Zapotec village of Oaxaca, Mexico
  Smith, Glenn. Violence in Madura : the interplay of resource, culture, and history
  Sullivan, Michael J. Violence by the book : redefining the legitimate use of force in municipal policing
  Teaiwa, Katerina. Violence within and against the Pacific
  Trappey, Charles. Taiwan's consumerism, gangs, and violence
  Vandello, Joe. Paradox of politeness
  Winkler, Cathy. Believed and not believed : community reaction to rape in Mexico and the U.S
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