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Title Social organization and peasant societies : festschrift in honor of Raymond Firth / Maurice Freedman, editor.
Published Piscataway, N.J. : AldineTransaction, [2008]
Detail ix, 300 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Added Author Baric, Lorraine. Levels of Change in Yugoslav Kinship
  Belshaw, Cyril S. Theoretical Problems in Economic Anthropology
  Benedict, Burton. Equality of the Sexes in the Seychelles
  Firth, Raymond William, 1901-
  Forge, Anthony. Abelam Artist
  Freedman, Maurice
  Freedman, Maurice. Ancestor Worship :Two Facets of the Chinese Case
  Kaberry, Phyllis M. Plasticity of New Guinea Kinship
  Leach, Edmund. Language of Kachin Kinsphip :Reflections on a Tikopia Model
  Little, Kenneth. Voluntary Associations in Urban Life :A Case Study of Differential Adaptation
  Mayer, Adrian C. Patrons and Brokers :Rural Leadership in Four Overseas Indian Communities
  Morris, H. S. Shamanism among the Oya Melanau
  Stanner, W.E.H. Reflections on Durkheim and Aboriginal Religion
  Swift, M. G. Economic Concentration and Malay Peasant Society
  Ward, Barbara E. Chinese Fishermen in Hong Kong :Their Post-Peasant Economy
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