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Title Personal stories of "How I got into sex" : leading researchers, sex therapists, educators, prostitutes, sex toy designers, sex surrogates, transsexuals, criminologists, clergy and more-- / [edited by] Bonnie Bullough ... [et al.].
Published Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 1997
Detail 480 p. : ports. ; 24 cm
Added Author Allgeier, Elizabeth Rice. Personal Experience Becomes Professional Involvement
  Allgeier, Richard. From Roman Catholicism to Sexology
  Almodovar, Norma Jean. Cop, Call Girl, and COYOTE Activist
  Barbach, Lonnie. Sex and Serendipity
  Bullough, Bonnie
  Bullough, Bonnie. How We Got into Sex
  Bullough, Vern L. How We Got into Sex
  Dailey, Jan Morris. How I Came to Be a Sexology Journalist
  Davis, Clive M. Cultural Psychologist to Sexologist
  Denny, Dallas. Coming of Age in the Land of Two Genders
  Devor, Holly. How I Became a Sexologist
  Diamond, Milton. Road to Paradise
  Dixon, Dwight. Our Accidental Entry into Sex
  Dixon, Joan R. Our Accidental Entry into Sex
  Dodson, Betty. How I Became the Guru of Female Sexual Liberation
  Ellis, Albert. How I Became Interested in Sexology and Sex Therapy
  Fithian, Marilyn A. Sex History of an Average American Housewife
  Francoeur, Robert T. From Theology to Evolution to Embryology to Sex: The Making of One Sexologist
  Gebhard, Paul H. Evolution of a Sex Researcher
  George, Kenneth D. Homophobia and My Career in Sex
  Green, Richard. Psychiatry, Sexology, and the Law
  Griffin, Gary. Penis Power
  Hartman, William E. Life as a Sexologist
  Hyde, Janet Shibley. Second Generation
  Kane, Ariadne. Early Transgenderist
  Klein, Randy Sue. Student's Perspective
  Marsh, Earle M. How I Became Interested in Sexology
  Martinson, Floyd M. Pioneer Researcher in Childhood Sexuality
  McAllister, Ronald R. From Design to Sexology
  McCormick, Naomi B. Autobiography of a Feminist Sexual Scientist
  McGinley, Robert. Making of a Sexual Revolutionary
  Mcllvenna, Ted. Finding God in Sex
  Money, John. Serendipities on the Sexological Pathway to Research in Gender Identity and Sex Reassignment
  Moser, Charles. Combining Sex and Medicine
  Mosher, Donald L. "I Wanna Be Good": Sexual Guilt in a Sexologist
  Patton, Jude. Female-to-Male Transsexual: Transsexual Sexologist
  Prendergast, William E. Penology and Sex
  Prince, Virginia. My Accidental Career
  Reinisch, J.M. No Straight Line: A Scientist's Autobiography
  Reiss, Ira L. Making a Living in Sex: An Autobiographical Account
  Roberts, Barbara. Sex Surrogate
  Samuels, Herbert. How I Became Interested in Sexology: A Personal Journey
  Schiller, Patricia. Leader Grows in Brooklyn
  Schwartz, Pepper. Timing Is Everything: From the Sexual Revolution to Sex Research
  Stubbs, Kenneth Ray. Sex: The Spiritual Catalyst
  Walsh, Harry. Naive Priest
  Weinberg, Martin S. You Didn't Know about Me
  Weinrich, James D. Love Child: My Career as Sexologist Pioneer, Prover, and Critic
  Whipple, Beverly. How I Became Interested in Sexology
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