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Title Museum origins : readings in early museum history and philosophy / edited by Hugh H. Genoways and Mary Anne Andrei.
Published Walnut Creek, CA : Left Coast Press, c2008
Detail 344 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Andrei, Mary Anne
  Baker, Frank C. Museum, the original exponent of visual education
  Barbour, Erwin H. Museums and the people
  Boas, Franz, 1858-1942. Some principles of museum administration
  Bolton, H. War museums
  Brittion, Nathanilel Lord. Botanical gardens
  Clark, Andrew. Life and times of Anthony Wood, antiquary, of Oxford, 1632-1695, described by himself, collected from his diaries and papers
  Dana, John Cotton. New museum
  Di Cesnola, Luigi Palma. Address on the practical value of the American museum
  Dill, Homer R. Training museum workers
  Dorsey, George A. Anthropological exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History
  Farrington, Oliver C. On the ideal relations of public libraries, museums, and art gallery to the city
  Flower, William Henry. Modern museums
  Forbes, Edward W. Relation of the art museum to a university
  Forbes, Edward. On the educational uses of museums
  Gallup, Anna Billings. Children's museum as an educator
  Genoways, Hugh H
  Gilman, Benjamin Ives. Museum ideals of purpose and method
  Godkin, Edwin Lawrence. Word about museums
  Goode, G. Brown. Relationships and responsibilities of museums
  Greenwood, Thomas. Place of museums in education
  Grinnell, Joseph. Museum conscience
  Hagen, H.A. History of the origin and development of museums
  Hornaday, William T. Making of a zoological-park masterpiece
  Howe, Winifred E. Museum's educational credo
  Jevons, W. Stanley. Use and abuse of museums
  Krefft, Gerard. Improvements effected in modern museums of Europe and Australia
  Link, Theodore. Zoological gardens : a critical essay
  Lucas, Frederic A. Purposes and aims of modern museums
  Morse, Edward S. If public libraries, why not public museums?
  Peabody, Francis G. Social museum as an instrument of university teaching
  Pryor, Sara Agnes. My design in forming this museum
  Rea, Carolyn M. Relation of the museum to the schools
  Rea, Paul M. Functions of museums
  Robinson, J.C. English art connoisseurship and collecting
  Rowe, L. Earle. Museum ethics
  Sargent, Charles Sprague. Arnold Arboretum : what it is and does
  Scadding, Henry. Museums and other classified collections as instruments of education in natural science
  Scales, Laura W.L. Museum's part in making of Americans
  Starr, Frederick. Museum in educational work
  Strabo. Geography
  Thwaites, Reuben Gold. State and local historical societies
  Townsend, Charles H. Administration of the public aquarium
  Trelease, William. Missouri Botanical Garden
  Van Rensselaer, Marianna Alley. Art museum and the public
  Varro, Marcus Terentius. Rerum rusticarum libri tres
  Wallace, Alfred Russel, 1823-1913. Museum for the people
  Ward, Henry L. Modern exhibitional tendencies of museums of natural history and ethnology designed for public use
  Whitmore, Elizabeth M. Function of the museum instructor
  Winchell, N.H. Museums and their purpose
  Wood, John George. Dullness of museums
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