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Title The Blackwell companion to the sociology of culture / edited by Mark D. Jacobs and Nancy Weiss Hanrahan.
Published Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2005
Detail xvi, 503 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Added Author Archer, Margaret S. Structure, Culture and Agency
  Bergesen, Albert J. Culture and Cognition
  Cetina, Kanrin Knorr. Culture in Global Knowledge Societies :Knowledge Cultures and Epistemic Cultures
  Cook, Daniel Thomas. Consumer Culture
  Crane, Diana. Democracy and Globalization in the Global Economy
  DeNora, Tia. Music and Social Experience
  Dillon, Michele. Sexuality and Religion :Negotiating Identity Differences
  Evans, John H. Public Vocabularies of Religious Belief :Explicit and Implicit Religious Discourse in the American Public Sphere
  Fraser, Nancy. Toward a Nonculturalist Sociology of Culture :On Class and Status in Globalizing Capitalism
  Fukuoka, Kazuya. Collective Memory :Why Culture Matters
  Goldfarb, Jeffrey C. Autonomy of Culture and the Invention of the Politics of Small Things :1968 Revisited
  Hall, David. New Developments in Class and Culture
  Hanrahan, Nancy Weiss, 1954-
  Hanrahan, Nancy Weiss. Difference and Cultural Systems :Dissonance in Three Parts
  Hennion, Antoine. Pragmatics of Taste
  Jacobs, Mark D., 1947-
  Jacobs, Mark D. Cuture of Savings and Loan Scandal in the No-Fault Society
  Jacobs, Ronald N. Media Culture(s) and Public Life
  Kefalas, Maria. Labor for Love :Rethinking Class and Culture in the Case of Single Motherhood
  Larson, Magali Sarfatti. Professions as Diciplinary Cultures
  Lee, Orville. Race after the Cultural Turn
  Lichterman, Paul. Civic Culture at the Grass Roots
  Marontate, Jan. Museums and the Constitution of Culture
  Mohr, John W. Discourses of Welfare and Welfare Reform
  Press, Andrea L. Fame and Everyday Life :The "Lottery Celebrities" of Reality TV
  Schwartz, Barry. Collective Memory :Why Culture Matters
  Silbey, Susan S. Everyday Life and the Constitution of Legality
  Tota, Anna Lisa. Counter-Memories of Terrorism :The Public Inscription of a Dramatic Past
  Wagner-Pacifici, Robin. Dilemmas of the Witness
  Weyher, L. Frank. New Developments in Class and Culture
  Williams, Bruce A. Fame and Everyday Life :The "Lottery Celebrities" of Reality TV
  Williams, Rhys H. "Religion as a Cultural System" :Theoretical and Empirical Developments Since Geertz
  Zolberg, Vera L. Aesthetic Uncertainty :The New Canon?
  Blackwell Publishing Ltd
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