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Title Internet culture / edited by David Porter.
Published New York : Routledge, 1997
Detail xviii, 279 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Porter, David, 1965-
  Wilbur, Shawn P. Archaeology of Cyberspaces: Virtuality, Community, Identity
  Foster, Derek. Community and Identity in the Electronic Village
  Tepper, Michele. Usenet Communities and the Cultural Politics of Information
  Healy, Dave. Cyberspace and Place: The Internet as Middle Landscape on the Electronic Frontier
  McRae, Shannon. Flesh Made Word: Sex, Text and the Virtual Body
  Ito, Mizauko. Virtually Embodied: The Reality of Fantasy in a Multi-User Dungeon
  Fisher, Jeffrey. Postmodern Paradiso: Dante, Cyberpunk, and the Technosophy of Cyberspace
  Stivale, Charles J. Spam: Heteroglossia and Harassment in Cyberspace
  Millard, William B. I Flamed Freud: A Case Study in Teletextual Incendiarism
  Connery, Brian A. IMHO: Authority and Egalitarian Rhetoric in the Virtual Coffeehouse
  Knapp, James S. Essayistic Messages: Internet Newsgroups as an Electronic Public Sphere
  Poster, Mark. Cyberdemocracy: Internet and the Public Sphere
  Lockard, Joseph. Progressive Politics, Electronic Individualism and the Myth of Virtual Community
  Tabbi, Joseph. Reading, Writing, Hypertext: Democratic Politics in the Virtual Classroom
  Stratton, Jon. Cyberspace and the Globalization of Culture
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