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Title Constructing the Maya : ethnicity, state formation and material culture in Yucatan, Chiapas and Guatemala / Paul K Eiss.
Author Eiss, Paul K
Published Durham, N.C. : Duke University Press, 2008
Detail 712 p. : ill., maps ; 23 cm
Added Author Eiss, Paul K. Constructing the Maya
  Watanabe, John M. Being Like a State :A Historical Anthropology of Translocal "Representation" (in Both Senses of the Term)
  Eiss, Paul K. El Pueblo Mestizo :Modernity, Tradition, and Statecraft in Yucatan, 1870-1907
  Fallaw, Ben. Bartolome Garcia Correa and the Politics of Maya Identity in Postrevolutionary Yucatan, 1911-1933
  Carey, David. "Hard Working, Orderly Little Women" :Mayan Vendors and Marketplace Struggles in Early-Twentieth-Century Guatemala
  Lewis, Stephen E. Mexico's National Indigenist Institute and the Negotiation of Applied Anthropology in Highland Chiapas, 1951-1954
  Little, Walter E. Visual Political Economy of Maya Representations in Guatemala, 1931-1944
  Kellogg, Susan. Gender and Ethnohistory in the Americas :Recent Works
  Williams, Kate. Margaret Connell Szasz, Scottish Highlanders and Native Americans :Indigenous Education in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World
  Whaley, Gray H. Deborah A. Rosen, American Indians and State Law :Sovereignty, Race, and Citizenship, 1790-1880
  Genetin-Pilawa, C. Joseph. Jacqueline Fear-Segal, White Man's Club :Schools, Race, and the Struggle of Indian Acculturation
  Obermeyer, Brice. Renee Ann Cramer, Cash, Color and Colonialism :The Politics of Tribal Acknowledgment
  McMullen, Ann. J.C.H. King and Christian F. Feest, Three Centuries of Woodland Indian Art :A Collection of Essays
  Sleeper-Smith, Susan. Barbara Belyea, Dark Storm Moving West
  Rushforth, Brett. Carl J. Ekberg, Stealing Indian Women :Native Slavery in the Illinois Country
  Mann, John W.W. Thomas H. Johnson, with Helen S. Johnson, Also Called Sacajawea :Chief Woman's Stolen Identity
  Shuck-Hall, Sheri M. Karen Ordahl Kupperman, The Jamestown Project
  Osburn, Katherine. Valerie Lambert, Choctaw Nation :A Story of American Indian Resurgence
  Hahn, Steven C. Gary Zellar, African Creeks :Estelvste and the Creek Nation
  Worth, John E. H. Thomas Foster II, with contributions by Mary Theresa Bonhage-Freund and Lisa O'Steen, Archaeology of the Lower Muskogee Crreek Indians, 1715-1836
  Stross, Brian. Prudence M. Rice, Maya Calendar Origins :Monuments, Mythistory, and the Materialization on Time
  Herren, Angela. Gordon Brotherston, Feather Crown :The Eighteen Feasts of the Mexica Year
  Carey, David. Rene Reeves, Ladinos with Ladinos, Indians with Indians :Land , Labor, and Regional Ethnic Conflict in the Making of Guatemala; Hilary E. Kahn, Seeing and Being Seen :The Q'eqchi' Maya of Livingston, Guatemala, and Beyond
  Sommer, Barbara A. Hal Langfur, The Forbidden Lands :Colonial Identity, Frontier Violence, and the Persistence of Brazil's Eastern Indians, 1750-1830; Cynthia Radding, Landscapes of Power and Identity :Comparative Histories in the Sonoran Desert and the Forests of Amazonia from Colony to Republic
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