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Title A companion to phenomenology and existentialism / edited by Hubert L. Dreyfus and Mark A. Wrathall.
Published Oxford : Wiley-Blackwell, 2009
Detail xiv, 608 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Andler, Daniel. Phenomenology in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science
  Blattne, William. Temporality
  Bremer, Manuel. Egological Structure of Consciousness :Lessons from Sartre for Analytical Philosophy of Mind
  Brenner, Andreas. Lived-Body and the Dignity of Human Beings
  Brough, John B. Temporality
  Carman, Taylor. Concept of Authenticity
  Crowell, Steven. Husserlian Phenomenology
  DeLancey, Craig. Action, the Scientiffic Worldview, and Being-in-the-World
  Dreyfus, Hubert L
  Dreyfus, Hubert L. Brief Introduction to Phenomenology and Existentialism
  Dreyfus, Hubert L. Roots of Existenlism
  Follesdal, Dagfinn. Husserl's Reductions and the Role They Play in His Phenomenology
  Gallagher, Shaun. Intrinsic Spatial Frame of Reference
  Gillespie, Michael Allen. Search for Immediacy and the Problem of Political Life in Existentialism and Phenomenology
  Gordon, Peter Eli. Realism, Science, and the Deworlding of the World
  Guignon, Charles. History and Historicity
  Han-Pile, Beatrice. Affectivity
  Heinamaa, Sara. Feminism
  Hoffman, Piotr. Body
  Hoy, David Couzens. Death
  Jay, Martin. Lifeworld and Lived Experience
  Kadowaki, Shunsuke. Ontology, Pragmatism, and Technology
  Lohmar, Dieter. Categorial Intuition
  Martin, Clancy. Religious Existentialism
  Martin, Wayne M. Bubbles and Skulls :The Phenomenology of Self-Consciousness in Dutch Still-Life Painting
  Mohanth, J.N. Intentionality
  Murphy, Ann V. Sexuality
  Olafson, Frederick A. Freedom and Responsibility
  Ratclitte, Matthew. Phenomenology, Neuroscience, and Intersubjectivity
  Sebbah, Francois-David. French Phenomenology
  Sherman, David. Absurdity
  Siewert, Charles. Consciousness
  Solomon, Robert C. Emotions in Phenmenology and Existentialism
  Svenaeus, Fredrik. Medicine
  Thomson, Iain. Environmental Philosophy
  Tietz, Udo. German Existence-Philosophy
  Van Atten, Mark. Mathematics
  Wertz, Frederick J. Phenomenological Currents in Twentieth-Century Psychology
  Wicks, Robert. French Existentialism
  Wrathall, Mark A
  Wrathall, Mark A. Existential Phenomenology
  Wrathall, Mark, Brief Introduction to Phenomenology and Existentialism
  Young, Julian. Life Worth Living
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