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Title Nomads in the sedentary world / edited by Anatoly M. Khazanov and Andre Wink.
Published Richmond : Curzon, 2001
Detail x, 295 p. ; 25 cm
Added Author Khazanov, A. M. (Anatoli Mikhalovich)
  Wink, Andre
  khazanov, Anatoly M. Nomads in the history of the sedentary world
  Golden, Peter B. Nomads in the sedentary world
  Noonan, Thomas T. Khazar Qaghanate and its impact on the early Rus' state
  Berend, Nora. Cuman integration in Hungary
  Bradburd, Daniel. Influence of pastoral nomad populations on the economy and society of post-Safavid Iran
  Amitai, Reuven. Turko-Mongolian nomads and the iqta system in the Islamic Middle East (ca.1000-1400 AD)
  Allsen, Thomas T. Sharing out the empire
  Kychanov, E.L. Nomads in the Tangut state of Hsi-Hsia (982-1227 AD)
  Wink, Andre. India and the Turko-Mongol frontier
  Barfield, Thomas. Steppe empires, China and the silk route
  Azarya, Victor. Nomadic factor in Africa
  Wink, Andre. Conclusion
  International Institute for Asian Studies
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