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Title Breastfeeding : biocultural perspectives / Patricia Stuart-Macadam and Katherine A. Dettwyler, editors.
Published New York : Aldine De Gruyter, c1995
Detail xi, 430 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Stuart-Macadam, Patricia. Biocultural Perspectives on Breastfeeding
  Dettwyler, Katherine A. Time to Wean : The Hominid Blueprint for the Natural Age of Weaning in Modern Human Populations
  Stuart-Macadam, Patricia. Breastfeeding in Prehistory
  Fildes, Valerie. Culture and Biology of Breastfeeding : An Historical Review of Western Europe
  Quandt, Sara A. Sociocultural Aspects of the Lactation Process
  Esterik, Penny Van. Politics of Breastfeeding: An Advocacy Perspective
  Dettwyler, Katherine A. Beauty and the Breast : The Cultural Context of Brestfeeding in the United States
  Woolridge, Michael W. Baby-Controlled Breastfeeding : Biocultural Implications
  Cunningham, Allan S. Breastfeeding : Adaptive Behavior for Child Health and Longevity
  McKenna, James J. Breastfeeding and Infant-Parent Co-Sleeping as Adaptive Strategies : Are They Protective against SIDS?
  Ellison, Peter T. Breastfeeding, Fertility, and Maternal Condition
  Micozzi, Marc S. Breast Cancer, Reproductive Biology, and Breastfeeding
  Kitzinger, Sheila. Commentary
  Lawrence, Ruth A. Commentary
  Fredrickson, Doren. Commentary
  Bernshaw, Nicole J. Breastfeeding and Infant-Parent Co-Sleeping as Adaptive Strategies: Are They Protective against SIDS?
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