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Title A companion to the philosophy of history and historiography / edited by Aviezer Tucker.
Published Chichester, U.K. ;Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2009
Detail xii, 563 p. ; 26 cm
Added Author Tucker, Aviezer. Introduction
  Kesse, Peter. Philosophy of History
  Vasteck, Zdenek. Philosophy of History
  Cleland, Carol I. Philosophical Issues in Natural History and Its Historiography
  Zammito, John. Historians and Philosophy of Historiography
  Day, Mark. Historiographic Evidence and Confirmation
  Tucker, Aviezer. Causation in Historiography
  Wemryb, Elazar. Historiographic Counterfactuals
  Ben-Menahem, Yemima. Historical Necessity and Contingency
  Macdonald, Graham. Explanation in Historiography
  D'Oro, Giuseppina. Historiographic Understanding
  McCullagh, C. Behan. Colligation
  Berry, Stephan. Laws of History
  Newall, Paul. Historiographic Objectivity
  Murphey, Murray. Realism about the Past
  Pataut, Fabrice. Anti-realism about the Past
  Ankersmit, F. R. Narrative and Interpretation
  Udehn, Lars. Ontology of the Objects of Historiography
  Tucker, Aviezer. Origins: Common Causes in Historiographic Reasoning
  Haber, Matt. Phylogenetic inference
  D'Amico, Robert. Historicism
  Gorman, Jonathan. Ethics and the Writing of Historiography
  Newall, Paul. Logical Fallacies of Historians
  Spoerhase, Carlos. Historical Fallacies of Historians
  Jardine, Nicholas. Philosophy of History of Science
  Kincaid, Harold. Philosophies of Historiography and the Social Sciences
  Ruse, Michael. Philosophy of Evolutionary Theory
  Inkpen, Rob. Philosophy of Geology
  Jeffares, Ben. Philosophy of Archaeology
  Macdonald, Cynthia. Reductionism: Historiography and Psychology
  Lefkowitz, Mary. Historiography and Myth
  Lavabre, Marie-Claire. Historiography and Memory
  Lloyd, Christopher. Historiographic Schools
  Gill, Thomas. Leopold Ranke
  Lorenz, Chris. Scientific Historiography
  Wilkins, John S. Darwin
  Brzechezyn, Krzysztof. Logical Empiricism and Logical Positivism
  Moyn, Samuel. Jewish and Christian Philosophy of History
  Ahmad, Zaid. Muslim Philosophy of History
  Mali, Joseph. Vico
  Anderson-Gold, Sharon. Kant and Herder
  Rockmore, Tom. Hegel
  Bambach, Charles. Neo-Kantianism
  Rockmore, Tom. Marx
  Helgeby, Stein. Collingwood and Croce
  Weberman, David. Phenomenology
  Chvatik, Ivan. Jan Palocka
  Makkreel, Rudolf A. Hermeneutics
  Southgate, Beverley. Postmodernism
  Kumar, Krishan. Philosophy of History at the End of the Cold War
  Radick, Gregory. Historiographic Evidence and Confirmation
  Macdonald, Cynthia. Explanation in Historiography
  King, Colin G. Historical Fallacies of Historians
  Macdonald, Graham. Reductionism: Historiography and Psychology
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