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Title The future of peace in the twenty-first century / edited by Nicholas N. Kittrie, Rodrigo Carazo, James R. Mancham.
Published Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press, c2003
Detail xxix, 1197 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Added Author Abiola, Hafsat. My Thoughts On Peace Begin with a Story My Dad Told
  Afkhami, Mahnaz. Century Marked by Unprecedented Violence and Cruelty
  Aharoni, Ada. Culture, Literature and Arts in the Service of Peace
  Allport, Gordon W. Nature of Aggression and Hatred
  Anderson, Gordon L. Competition vs. Monopoly in the Development of Peaceful Societies
  Arias, Oscar. Foreword
  Avineri, Shlomo. Educational Policies and the Peace Process: Not Just the Absence of War
  Azar, Edward. Many Faces of Islamic Revivalism
  Bandow, Doug. International Economic Organizations: Working Globally for Material Well-Being and Peace
  Barash, David P. Disparity Between Biological and Cultural Evolution in the Pursuit of Peace
  Bauer, Peter T. Population Growth: Disaster or Blessing?
  Baumeister, Roy F. Why IS There Evil?
  Beales, A. C. F. Evolution of Theories on War and Peace
  Beall, James H. Global Environmental Challenges of the 21st Century
  Beer, Francis. Reduction of War and the Creation of Peace
  Ben-Dak, Joseph D. Where is Peace Research Headed?
  Bhutto, Benazir. Women's Rights, Human Rights: Peace in the New Century
  Bloch, Jean de. End to Militarism
  Boulding, Kenneth E. Peace Theory
  Bradlow, Daniel. Mediating the Traumas of Techno-Economic Change: A Case Study in Popular Input
  Brecht, Arnold. Beyond Sovereignty
  Burns, C. Delisle. Militarism
  Burton, John. From Strategic Deterrence to Problem Solving
  Bush, George W. Best Antidote to War is a Better Defense
  Camilleri, Joseph A. Globalization of Insecurity: The Democratic Imperative
  Carazo, Rodrigo. Gandhi: The Prophet of Non-Violence
  Carter, April. Nonviolence as a Strategy for Change
  Carter, Jimmy. After the Cold War: An Era of Unprecedented Peace and Prosperity
  Choucri, Nazli. Deprivations and Their Cures
  Clausewitz, Carl von. Realities of War
  Clinton, Willaim J. (Bill). Struggle for the Soul of the 21st Century
  Clutterbuck, Richard. Unorthodox Warfare: Does Terrorism Work?
  Colletta, Nat J. Humanitarian Assistance
  Colletta, Nat J. Privatizing Peace: From Conflict to Security
  Colletta, Nat J. Revisiting 'Nation-Building'
  Connor, Walker. Nation-Building or Nation-Destroying?
  Cronkite, Walter. Since Human First Scratched Thought on Stone
  Dahrendorf, Ralf. Can European Democracy Survive Globalization?
  Deudney, Daniel. Nuclear Warfare: Dynamics and Dilemmas of Policy Making
  Devine, Tony. Educating for Peace: The Partnership of Home, School and Community
  Dobkowski, Michael N. Overcoming Deprivation, Hunger, and Poverty
  Dower, Nigel. Peace and Security: Conceptual Notes
  el-Issa, Ingrid Washinawatok. Roots of War and Violence Go Deep, Into the Earth Herself
  Elshtain, Jean Bethke. Reflections on the Family at Century's Unfolding
  Eysenck, H. J. War and Aggressiveness
  Falk, Richard A. Religion and Global Governance: Harmony or Clash?
  Falk, Richard. Only Acceptable Purpose of War is to Restore More Durable Peace
  Felice, William. Militarism and the Pursuit of Peace
  Florini, Ann M. Increasing Transparency in Government
  Freud, Sigmund. Why War? - A Letter to Albert Einstein
  Funk, Nathan C. Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution
  Galtung, Johan. Violence and Peace
  Garrett, William R. Family, Religion, and Globalization: The Implications for World Peace
  Gerholm, Tor Ragnar. Making Science Serve Peace
  Gerson, Allan. Humanitarian Assistance
  Gerson, Allan. Privatizing Peace: From Conflict to Security
  Gerson, Allan. Revisiting 'Nation-Building'
  Gilbert, Alan. Innovative Approaches to the Advancement of Democracy and Peace
  Gopin, Marc. Religious Foundations of a More Peaceful World
  Guha, Amalendu. Peace Education and Peace Research
  Gurr, Ted Robert. Attaining Peace in Divided Societies: Five Principles
  Halilbegovich, Nadja. Some of My Memories are Painful and Dark
  Hannum, Hurst. Justice for Minorities
  Hannum, Hurst. Responding to Claims for Self-Determination
  Hauer, Josephine. Educating for Peace: The Partnership of Home, School and Community
  Howell, Llewllyn D. International Political Entanglements and the Building of Political Institutions
  Hunt, Michael H. American Dream and the Pursuit of Peace
  Huntington, Samuel P. Clash of Civilizations
  Kant, Immanuel. Perpetual Peace
  Khadduri, Majid. Peace and Jihad in Moslem History
  King, Charles. Myth of Ethnic Warfare
  Kittrie, Nicholas N. Epilogue: Coming to Terms: From the Dream of Peace to an Attainable Truce
  Kittrie, Nicholas N. On the Causes of War and the Efforts that Failed
  Kittrie, Nicholas N. Prologue: From the War of the Future to the Future of Peace
  Kristof, Nicholas D. Sad Lessons of Nation-Building
  Kung, Hans, 1928- Need for a New World Ethic
  Kunkle, Lynn M. Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution
  Kyong-Dong, Kim. World Peace Index 2000
  Lal, Deepak. Does Modernization Require Westernization?
  Lumsden, Malvern. Cultural Dimensions of Militarism: A Marxist Perspective
  Luttwak, Edward S. Let War Bring Peace
  Maguire, Mairead Corrigan. All of Us Need to Take Responsibility for the World's Violence
  Mancham, James R. If You Plant a Mango Seed, You Will Get a Mango Tree
  Martinez, Enrique. Toward a Global Educative Authority: The Council of Earth
  Mead, Margaret, 1901-1978. Warfare as an Invention
  Midgley, Mary. Deterrence and Provocation
  Mitra, Saibal. On the Merits of Nation-Building
  Mittelman, James H. Making Globalization Work
  Moon, A. Chung-in. Many Faces of Islamic Revivalism
  O'Hanlon, Michael. Doing It Right: The Future of Humanitarian Intervention
  Ohlsson, Leif. Risk of Livelihood Conflicts
  O'Malley, William J. Pope Pius XII and Nazi Germany: A Controversial Role: B. The Priests of Dachau
  Oudraat, Chantal de Jonge. Role of the United Nations in International Peace and Security
  Pei, Minxin. Implementing the Institutions of Democracy: A Blessing or Threat?
  Perlstein, Gary R. Media in the Service of Terrorism
  Pikayev, Alexander. Confronting Arms Races
  Plumb, Emily. Civil Society as a Facilitator of Peace
  Pollis, Adamantia. Human Rights Confront Globalization
  Portela, Carla. NATO and Humanitarian Intervention
  Powell, Colin. ... We Still Live in a World in Which We Must Study Politics and War
  Prendergast, John. Civil Society as a Facilitator of Peace
  Rittner, Carol. Pope Pius XII and Nazi Germany: A Controversial Role: A. Chronology of Events
  Roosevelt, Eleanor. International Human Rights as Instruments for Justice and Peace
  Roth, John K. Pope Pius XII and Nazi Germany: A Controversial Role: A. Chronology of Events
  Roth, John K. Price of Peace: Religion and Politics in Western Europe
  Rummel, R. J. Abuse of Power: War Isn't the Biggest Killer
  Russett, Bruce. United Nations and Three Great Forces for Peace
  Sadat, Jehan. Preface
  Said, Abdul Aziz. Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution
  Salla, Michael. Toward a Global Educative Authority: The Council of Earth
  Saunders, Harold H. Peace Process: Sustained Dialogue to Transform Deep-Rooted Human Conflicts
  Saunders, June. Cause and Resolution of Conflicts
  Schabas, William. International Law as a Deterrent of the Ravages of War
  Scharf, Michael. Illusory Fork in the Road to Peace: Justice vs. Accommodation
  Shilling, John D. Global Environmental Challenges of the 21st Century
  Simmons, P. J. Globalization: Evening the Odds
  Singer, Isidore. United States Intercedes with the Czarist Government: President Theodore Roosevelt and Russian Jewry
  Smith, Huston. Worldwide Impact of Religion on Contemporary Society
  Sperling, Gene B. Toward a Global Initiative on Education
  Spinden, Herbert J. Shall the United States Intervene in Cuba?
  Suarez-Orozco, Marcelo. Beyond National Boundaries: Immigration and the Flow of Labor
  Summy, Ralph. Vision of a Non-Violent Society: What Should Be Society's Aims?
  Suter, Keith. Toward a Federal World Order?
  Swan, Bernard. Peace Search: From the Secular to the Christic
  Takeyh, Ray. Faith-Based Initiatives
  Tehranian, Majid. Creating Spaces for Peace: Zones of Peace
  Tenetto, Walter. Toward a Global Educative Authority: The Council of Earth
  Toffler, Alvin. Future of Peace
  Toffler, Heidi. Future of Peace
  Tzu, Sun. Art of War
  Ungar, Sanford J. Overcoming America's Estrangement: The Role of Education and Media
  Venter, Albert. Mediating Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Conflicts: The Lessons of South Africa
  Vetter, Harold J. Media in the Service of Terrorism
  Wallace, Walter L. Building a Scientific Basis for a Global Culture of Peace
  Weart, Spencer. Making the World Safe Through Democracy: A Historical Survey
  Weede, Erich. Democracy and War Involvement
  Weiss, Thomas G. Humanitarian Interventions in a New Era
  Williams, Paul. Illusory Fork in the Road to Peace: Justice vs. Accommodation
  Wolin, Sheldon S. Violence and the Western Political Tradition
  Young, Nigel. War and Peace in European Consciousness
  Zampaglione, Gerardo. Peace in Classical Greece
  Zampaglione, Gerardo. Peace in Roman Thinking
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