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Title The theory of decorative art : an anthology of European & American writings, 1750-1940 / edited by Isabelle Frank ; with translations by David Britt.
Published New Haven [Conn.] : Published for the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, New York, by Yale University Press, c2000
Detail xiv, 392 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Alembert, Jean Le Rond. From Preliminary Discourse to the Encyclopedia (1751)
  Bing, Samuel. Where Are We Going? (1897-98)
  Collingwood, R. G. Art and Craft (1938)
  Corbusier, Le. Decorative Art of Today (1925)
  Corbusier, Le. Type-Needs: Type-Furniture (1925)
  Crane, Walter. Importance of the Applied Arts, and Their Relation to Common Life (1892)
  Dederot, Denis. Art (1751)
  Elias, Norbert. On the Use of the Knife at Table and On the Use of the Fork at Table (1939)
  Focillon, Henri. Forms in the Realm of Space (1934)
  Frank, Isabelle, 1959-
  Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. Art and Handicraft (1797)
  Gropius, Walter. Manifesto of the Staatliche Bauhaus in Weimar (1919)
  Grosz, Karl. Ornament (1912)
  Hildebrand, Adolf von. Hand Work - Machine Work (1899)
  Jones, Owen. General Principles in the Arrangement of Form and Colour in Architecture and the Decorative Arts (1856)
  Jones, Owen. Ornament of Savage Tribes and Moresque Ornament (1856)
  Krubsacius, Friedrich August. From Reflections on the Origin, Growth, and Decline of Decoration in the Fine Arts (1759)
  Loos, Adolf. Ornament and Crime (1910)
  Maillou, P. Rioux de. Decorative Arts and the Machine (1895)
  Moritz, Karl Philipp. From Preliminary Ideas on the Theory of Ornament (1785)
  Moritz, Karl Philipp. From Preliminary Ideas on the Theory of Ornament (1793)
  Morris, William. Arts and Crafts of To-day (1889)
  Morris, William. Revival of Handicraft (1888)
  Muthesius, Hermann. Significance of Applied Art (1907)
  Pugin, A. Welby. On Metal-work (1841)
  Pugin, A. Welby. On Metal-work (1841)
  Riegl, Alois. From A Historical Grammar of the Visual Arts (1897-99)
  Riegl, Alois. From Problems of Style (1893)
  Riegl, Alois. Geometric Style (1893)
  Ruskin, John. Lamp of Beauty (1849)
  Ruskin, John. Lamp of Sacrifice and The Lamp of Beauty (1849)
  Ruskin, John. Lamp of Truth and The Lamp of Life (1849)
  Ruskin, John. Modern Manufacture and Design (1859)
  Semper, Gottfried. From Concerning the Formal Principles of Ornament and Its Significance as Artistic Symbol (1856)
  Semper, Gottfried. From Style in the Technical and Tectonic Arts (1860)
  Semper, Gottfried. Science, Art, and Industry (1852)
  Semper, Gottfried. Textile Art (1860)
  Simmel, Georg. Adornment (1908)
  Sullivan, Louis. Ornament in Architecture (1892)
  Van Rensselaer, Mariana Griswold. Decorative Art and Its Dogmas (1880)
  Veldem, Henry van de. Observations Toward a Synthesis of Art (1895)
  Viollet-le-Duc, Eugene-Emmanuel. From Lectures on Architecture (1872)
  Wolfflin, Heinrich. From Prolegomena to a Psychology of Architecture (1886)
  Wright, Frank Lloyd. Art and Craft of the Machine (1901)
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