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Title Classical mythology in English literature : a critical anthology / edited by Geoffrey Miles.
Published London ;New York : Routledge, 1999
Detail xiii, 456 p. ; 25
Added Author Andrews, Thomas. From 'On the Death of Mr. John Oldham', 1684
  Apollodorus. From The Library of Greek Mythology, first or second century A.D
  Arnobius of Sicca. From Against the Pagans, c. A.D. 300
  Atwood, Margaret. Three poems, 1984
  Auden, W. H. 'Orpheus', 1937
  Bacon, Francis. From The Wisdom of the Ancients, 1609
  Barnfield, Richard. Sonnet 17 from Cynthia, 1595
  Beddoes, Thomas Lovell. 'Pygmalion, or The Cyprian Statuary', 1825
  Bion. 'Lament for Adonis', c. 100 B.C
  Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen. 'Adonis', 1892
  Boethius. From The Consolation of Philosophy, c. A.D. 520
  Brathwait, Richard. From 'The Fifth Satire: On Dotage', 1621
  Brough, Robert B. From Orpheus and Eurydice, 1852
  Browne, William. Song, from Britannia's Pastorals, 1616
  Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. From Aurora Leigh, 1856
  Browning, Robert. 'Eurydice to Orpheus', 1864
  Buchanan, Robert. From 'Pygmalion the Sculptor', 1864
  Bulwer-Lytton, Robert. 'Adon', 1855
  Byron, Lord. From 'Hints from Horace', 1811
  Carew, Thomas. From 'An Elegy upon the Death of ... Dr. John Donne', 1633
  Carter, Angela. From 'The Loves of Lady Purple', 1974
  Caxton, William. From Six Books of Metamorphoseos, c. 1480
  Chapman, George. From Ovid's Banquet of Sense, 1595
  Clement of Alexandria. From Exhortation to the Greeks, c. A.D. 200
  Collins, William. From 'On the Use and Abuse of Poetry', c. 1750
  Cowley, Hannah. From The Town Before You, 1795
  Darwin, Erasmus. From The Botanic Garden, 1791
  Derrick, Samuel. 'Venus and Adonis: A Cantata', 1755
  Dixon, Richard Watson. 'Orpheus', 1864
  Dowden, Edward. 'Eurydice', 1876
  Dryden, John. 'On the Death of Mr. Purcell', 1696
  Edmond, Lauris. 'Orpheus without Music', 1975
  Eliot, T. S. From The Waste Land, 1922
  Feinstein, Elaine. 'The Feast of Eurydice', 1980
  Fielding, Henry. From Eurydice, 1737
  Finch, Anne. Countess of Winchilsea, 'To Mr. Pope', c. 1714
  Fletcher, Giles. From Christ's Victory and Triumph, 1610
  Frazer, James George. From The Golden Bough, 1906
  Gay, John. From Fables: 'The Monkey Who Had Seen the World', 1727
  Gilbert, Sandra M. 'Bas Relief: Bacchante', 1984
  Gilbert, W. S. From Pygmalion and Galatea, 1871
  Gower, John. From Confessio Amantis, c. 1390
  Griffin, Bartholomew. Sonnet 3 from Fidessa, 1596
  H. D. 'Adonis', 1917
  H. D. 'Pygmalion', 1917
  H.D. 'Eurydice', 1917
  Hamburger, Michael. 'Orpheus Street, SE5', 1967
  Hawthorne, Nathaniel. 'Drowne's Wooden Image', 1846
  Heath-Stubbs, John. 'The Story of Orph', 1985
  Henryson, Robert. From Orpheus and Eurydice, later fifteenth century
  Heywood, Thomas. From The Fair Maid of the Exchange, 1607
  Hoban, Russell. From Kleinzeit, 1974
  Hope, A. D. 'Orpheus', 1991
  Horace. From The Art of Poetry, c. 10 B.C
  Humphries, Rolfe. 'Fragment of a Legend', 1965
  Jenyns, Soame. 'The Choice', mid-eighteenth century
  Keats, John. From Endymion, 1818
  Lewis, C. Day. 'The Perverse', 1928
  Longley, Michael. 'Ivory and Water', 1994
  MacLeish, Archibald. From 'The Pot of Earth', 1925
  Marston, John. 'The Metamorphosis of Pygmalion's Image', 1598
  Mason, William. 'Pygmalion', 1762/1811
  Miles, Geoffrey, editer
  Montagu, Mary Wortley. 'Impromptu, to a Young Lady Singing', 1736?
  Morris, William. From 'Pygmalion and the Image', 1868
  Moschus. From 'Lament for Bion', c. 100 B.C
  Oldham, John. From 'Bion: A Pastoral', 1680
  Ovid. From Metamorphoses, c. A.D. 10
  Ovid. From the Metamorphoses, c. A.D. 10
  Ovid. From the Metamorphoses, c. A.D. 10
  Peacock, Thomas Love. From 'The Four Ages of Poetry', 1820
  Pettie, George. From 'Pygmalion's Friend and his Image', 1576
  Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart. 'Galatea', 1885
  Pope, Alexander. 'Ode for Music on St. Cecilia's Day', 1713
  Puttenham, George. From The Art of English Poesy, 1589
  Renault, Mary. From The King Must Die, 1958
  Rexroth, Kenneth. 'Adonis in Winter', 1944
  Rhodes, Apollonius of. From Argonautica, c. 250 B.C
  Ross, Alexander. From Mystagogus Poeticus, 1647
  Ross, Alexander. From Mystagogus Poeticus, 1647
  Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. 'Pygmalion', 1762/1811
  Sandys, George. From Ovid's Metamorphoses Englished, 1632
  Sandys, George. From Ovid's Metamorphoses Englished, 1632
  Savage, Richard. 'Valentine's Day', c. 1740
  Seward, Anna. From 'Elegy on Captain Cook', 1780
  Shakespeare, William. From The Winter's Tale, c. 1610
  Shakespeare, William. From Venus and Adonis, 1593
  Shaw, Bernard. From Pygmalion, 1912
  Shelley, Mary. From Frankenstein, 1818
  Shelley, Percy Bysshe. Adonais, 1821
  Shelley, Percy Bysshe. 'Orpheus', c. 1820
  Sidney, Philip. From Astrophil and Stella, 1591
  Smith, Sydney Goodsir. From 'Orpheus', 1948
  Smollett, Tobias. From The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, 1751
  Spenser, Edmund. From The Faerie Queene, 1590
  Strode, William. Song: 'When Orpheus Sweetly Did Complain', 1620s?
  Tabley, Lord De. 'A Lament for Adonis', c. 1865
  Tabley, Lord De. From 'Orpheus in Hades', 1893
  Theocritus. Idyll 15: The Festival of Adonis, third century B.C
  Tickell, Thomas. 'On a Lady's Picture', early eighteenth century
  Virgil. From the Georgics, c. 29 B.C
  Waller, Edmund. 'On the Discovery of a Lady's Painting', 1630s?
  Wordsworth, William. From The Prelude, 1805
  Yeats, W. B. 'Her Vision in the Wood', 1926
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