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Title Democratization and identity : regimes and ethnicity in East and Southeast Asia / edited by Susan J. Henders.
Published Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2004
Detail vii, 267 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Henders, Susan J. Political regimes and ethnic identities in East and Southeast Asia: beyond the "Asian values" debate
  Henders, Susan J., 1960-
  Bell, Daniel A. Is democracy the "least bad" system for minority groups?
  Brown, David. Democratization of national identity
  Maukuei, Chang. Understanding contending nationalist identities: reading Ernest Gellner and Benedict Anderson from Taiwan
  Rankin, Katharine N. Political economy and cultural politics of ethnic conflict in Asia
  Goonewardena, Kanishka. Political economy and cultural politics of ethnic conflict in Asia
  Lie, John. Politics of recognition in contemporary Japan
  Gladney, Dru C. Ethnic identity in China: the rising politics of cultural difference
  Laliberte, Andre. Democratic transition and cultural diversity: Buddhist organizations and identity construction in Taiwani
  Bertrand, Jacques. Democratization and religious and nationalist conflict in post-Suharto Indonesia
  Wirfel, David. Democracy, nationalism, and ethnic identity: the Philippines and East Timor compared
  Nagata, Judith. Elusive democracy: appropriation of "rights" ideologies in Malaysian ethnic and religious political discourse
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