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Title (Un)tying the knot : ideal and reality in Asian marriage / edited by Gavin W. Jones & Kamalini Ramdas.
Published Singapore : Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, 2004
Detail xiv, 232 p. : ill. ; 21 cm
Added Author Jones, Gavin W
  Ramdas, Kamalini
  Jones, Gavin W. Not "when to marry" but "whether to marry": the changing context of marriage decisions in east and southeast Asia
  Dwyer, Rachel.. Yeh shaadi nahin ho sakti! ("this wedding cannot happen!"): romance and marriage in contemporary Hindi cinema
  Kumari, Ranjana. Indian marriages: economic independence and changing power relations
  Shah, Nik Noriani bt Nik Badli. Marriage, polygyny and divorce within the Malaysian Muslim community
  Osman, Mohamad Maliki. Muslim divorces in Singapore: social support and "Rocky" marriages
  Katjasungkana, Nursyabani. From Kartini to Ayu Utami: one hundred years of women's struggle on marriage
  Tsay, Ching-lung. Marriage migration of women from China and Southeast Asia to Taiwan
  PuruShotam, Nirmala. Bride pride and grooming prejudices: race matters in marriage
  National University of Singapore. Asia Research Institute
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