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Title Culture and rights : Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology (Public Organization).
Author Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre
Published Bangkok : Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology (Public Organization), 2553
Detail DVD 16 disc, CD 2 disc (MP3)
Added Author Anan Ganjanapan. Contours of community rights and cultural rights
  Munger, Frank. Towards an anthropology of rights in Thailand
  Haperkorn, Tyrell. Between law & rights in Thailand since 1932
  Varaporn Chamsanit. Genger cultural relativism and rights
  Barry, Coeli. Critical reflections on the ascendance of cultural rights
  Logan, William. Cultural diversity, heritage and human rights : Challenges facing Thailand, Asia and the world
  Kimberly, Christen. Digital heritage and public archives : Access, representation, and indigenous protocols
  Tiamsoon Sirisrisak. Cultural rights, cultural heritage, and urban planning in Thailand
  Vail, Peter. Ethnicity, language and culture politics in Thailand
  Rustom Bharucha. Diversity and difference : Problematizing the search for Plurality
  Denes, Alexandra. Overview and expectations
  Sirijit Sunanta. From Global concept to local implications : Cultural rights in Thailand
  Worapong Charoenwong. Dynamics of intellectual movement in the recreation of social space for Malayu culture in Thailand
  Hayes, Mike. Emergent urban community rights : Case of the Mon, West African, and Skih communities in Bangkok
  Bencharat Sae Chu. Community rights and social construction of human rights : Case study of the community forest movement in Thailand
  Ho Kong Chong. Field site visit to rattanakosin Island
  Pornpan Chinnapong. Saving, redeveloping and living Krung Rattanakosin : Issues in the development of Thailand's Premier heritage district
  Denes, Alexandra. Sacared space or world heritage? An ethnography of the contested meanings and uses of two khmer sanctuaries in Thailand's Buriram province.
  Sumittra Surartdecha. Embracing the difference : Reducing linguistic bias in the Bilingual classroom
  Isara Choosri. The clash of curriculums and the teaching of Khmer in Thailand
  Varaporn Chamsanit Anthropological archive management : Case study of Michail Moerman's anthropological fieldwork materials from Thai Lue community in Payao province
  Hayes, Michael. Samut Sakorn, Mon migrant worker community
  Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre
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