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Title Semantic anthropology / edited by David Parkin.
Published London ;New York : Academic Press, 1982
Detail li, 310 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Parkin, David J
  Ardener, Edwin Social Anthropology, Language and Reality
  Crick, Malcolm. Anthropological Field Research, Meaning Creation and Knowledge Construction
  Hobart, Mark. Meaning or Moaning? An Ethnographic note on a Little Understood Tribe
  Salmond, Anne Theoretical Landscapes. on a Cross-Cultural Conception of Knowledge
  Gudeman, Stephen. Models, Meaning and Reflexivity
  Penn, Mischa. Models, Meaning and Reflexivity
  Tonkin, Elizabeth. Language vs the World : Notes on Meaning for Anthropologists
  Chapman, Malcolm "Semantics" and the "Celt"
  Hastrup, Kirsten. Establishing an Ethnicity : The Emergence of the "Icelanders" in the Early Middle Ages
  Williams, Drid 1928-. Semasiology : A Semantic Anthropologist's View of Human Movements and Actions
  Sansom, Basil.The Sick Who do not Speak
  Kendall, Martha B Getting to Know You
  Barnes, R. B. Personal Names and Social Classification
  Willis, Roy. On a Mental Sausage Machine and Other Nominal Problems
  Irvine, Judith. The Creation of Identity in Spirit Mediumship and Possession
  Milton, Kay 1951-.Meaning and Context :The Interpretation of Greetings in Kasigau
  Crump, Thomas. The Alternative Meanings of Number and Counting
  Association of Social Anthropologists of the Commonwealth
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